Saturday, January 23, 2010

Oh, I was being a little dramatic when I didn't post about loosing all of my pictures. We didn't really loose ALL of our pictures.

Here's what really happened. When the computer died and Dell had done all they could to revive it, we took it to a local place and paid them to retrieve our data, wipe the hard drive clean, reinstall windows, and then reinstall our data. We picked up our newly cleaned computer thankful that they had been able to save all of our stuff and bring our computer back from the blue screen of death.

We got the computer home, I immediately booted up and searched for our pictures that were supposedly safe and sound in "Shared Documents". Two hundred dollars worth of safe and sound. "But, Ma'am, you aren't paying for the computer, you're paying for the data on the computer" safe and sound.

Only, they weren't there. There weren't any pictures in "Shared Documents". Well there were, but they were the default ones installed by windows. Nothing else.

Thinking they must have reinstalled them into "My Documents" by mistake, I went there to search for them. But to no avail. The only pictures in "My Documents" were the ones that were there when the computer died. Every last stupid one of them.

So...aparently...when you pay someone to retrieve your data you have to mention that you want them to retrieve the Shared Documents as well as the My Documents...didn't know that. I just assumed that they would retrieve whatever data they could no matter where it was stored. Silly me. You know what happens when you assume...

And to think I'd made a fool of myself at that place going on and on about how thankful I was that they were able to save our pictures. I'm sure they thought I was crazy when they got a look at the pictures that were oh-so-important to me.

Like for instance...this one of Honey de-greasing his clothes at the car wash.

Or this one, among others, of some yard tools that we used while landscaping our yard. I'm sure there was a blog post intended in there somewhere.

Or this jewel...obviously a post intended about the finer points of making deer jerky. about this picture and about 20 other random pictures of our house meant to help me remember how to put the place back together once the Christmas decorations are put away.

Thank you data retrieval place! I'm so glad you saved these precious memories for our family.

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kimberly t. bowling said...

Those are the REAL family life it!!!