Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Mom Hints

I was visiting with a friend a few weeks ago and she asked if I had any secrets for getting toddlers to eat vegetables. Of course, I then had to admit that our vegetable consumption usually comes in the form of ketchup.

But, since we talked, I have found something that works on kids and adults (me) alike! Are you ready for my mom hint?

Grow them yourselves! Yes, we have a vegetable garden and it is actually growing edible vegetables! I'm growing food! I'm. Growing. Food!

Well, actually God's growing it, but he's using my backyard! It's really fun!

Honey comes home and asks, "What are we having for supper?" and I say "I don't know let's go and see what is in the garden!" We are cooking at home more this summer than we have in a long time!

And the kids love it! Bubba will usually not touch zucchinni, but the other night I fixed it. As soon as I set it in front of him, he started in with, "I hhhate zucchinni!"

I excitedly replied, "It's what we grew in the garden, try it!"

A couple of minutes later I hear, "Umm, this is good!"

Brooke will eat a whole cucumber by herself as long as I have some Ranch to dip it in!

Mary TuTu is still pretty much a green bean girl only. Thank goodness we are growing those, too! Those are my favorite to eat, but my least favorite to pick. Now if I can teach Mary TuTu how to pick them without killing the entire bush. . .

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Laci said...

wow the plants are soo big! last i saw it, there was only dirt and a few leaves! good job girl! sounds like a lot fun!