Thursday, August 10, 2006

Good Friends are a Blessing

Honey made a flying trip to Mexico today. He left early, early this morning, like 3:30 or something. That's not really morning is it? More like the middle of the night. Anyways, he and the others that traveled with him will return tomorrow afternoon. They just needed to check on the missionaries there. One of the churches was damaged in the flood and they needed to asses it and make a plan to repair it.

Anyways, the good friend part . . . the kids and I got to eat dinner with "Waci" and "Kadie" as the girls call them. They have started what I hope will become a tradition. When the boys are in Mexico (Waci's husband and son went, too) we get together and eat dinner. It's happened twice this summer and I hope it continues. I love to visit and the girls love to play with Kadie. It gives us something to look forward to at the end of a long day of missing our dad.

Thanks girls for the great dinner! Even McDonald's is good when eaten in such great company!

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Mommy Spice said...

Hi Jen,

Thanks for visiting my blog. I see we have a few things in common, minister's wife, preschool teacher and mom of little ones. I see also you're in Lubbock. My parents are both from there and I still have a cousin and aunt there. So a mother of twins... wow! We actually inquired about twins in China, but we found out the price doubled, ouch. I will stop by and read more later. We just got back in town from a week long visit to grandparent's houses.