Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Paper or Plastic?

We've been watching "RockStar: Super Nova". Honey likes it because underneath that pure as the driven snow youth minister, he is a rocker at heart. He loves to hear all the songs and pass his own judgement about who is the best. (American Idol is more my speed, but we have to have something to pass the time between seasons!)

My one observation about this show: Tommy Lee's brain is only slightly less fried than Ozzy Osborn's. Ever so slightly.

In other news, we now have hard evidence of our tax dollars at use. Bubba has homework every night except Friday. And . . . I covered his reading book last night! Do you know how long it has been since I covered a textbook? Many, many years. The assignment was simple, yet it took me by surprise! "Please cover the reading book and return it tomorrow." Wow, this is REAL school now!

Back in the old days, we covered them with paper sacks, or the covers that they sent home with us from school. In this age of "wal-mart bags", what do you use? If I'd had some notice, I guess I could have bought some of those book covers that they sell in the school supply section . . . Luckily, I found two paper sacks under our kitchen sink. After a couple of minutes of staring at the sack wondering "what do I do now?", it all came back to me. I wonder if he has more that two text books in first grade. Note to self, when back to school shopping next year, choose paper.


Anonymous said...

I am a rocker at heart, wait untill this weekend when I get the radio all to myself! WE are breaking out the rock CD's for this trip!

I love you!


Lisa Renee said...

I used to LOVE covering my books and decorate them! You know, I don't miss school so much, other than the social aspect, but I do miss the school supplies! I love all that stuff! Have not caught that show yet. I will have to check it out!