Wednesday, September 20, 2006

It's Official!

The girls are 3 now! It is really hard to believe! They are the same age that Bubba was when we told the family that we were expecting again. Time sure does fly. Despite all the days that I doubted we would even make it to the 3rd b-day, I can't believe it has come and gone!

We have partied all week. Last Thursday was the party at school. Saturday was the party at home with the family. Monday was the real day, so we went out to eat supper. Tuesday was Grampy's b-day, so we partied then, too!

Now we are resting up for October. We kick off the month with Grandpa's b-day, Halloween at the end, and Honey's b-day right in the middle! I have some surprises up my sleeve for that one!

Blogger doesn't seem to be wanting me to post pictures, so I will try again later.

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Laci said...

Yea I can still remember when Robert called me freaking out because ya'll were gonan have twins! Ho awesome.
..So I have some funny info to share.. in one of Eric's grad classes he has to have some hours leading a mentorship thing. And there is professor who teaches a University 100 class (the basic class all fish have to take) that wanted to have some graduate students work with her freshmen on some service projects and stuff.. so the two classes hooked up! Any way, Eric has three students in his little group and guess who one of the girls is? HAHAAH! You got it, AMANDA BUCHANAN! Out of the thousand freshmen he could have been signed up with.. one of them is Amanda! HAHAHA! He was reading off their names to me today and I just started laughing.. what a weird coincidence.. this should be an intersting game for me to play! Oh man, I just love it! I'll keep you updated..