Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Halloween!

Here are the Halloween pictures! After a full day of festivities at school, we took pictures at home and then went to eat with Gran and Grampy. Then we went trick or treating at church, inside the building. It was nice to not have to worry about the cold. I was sad this year though. "Bice", as the girls call him, didn't come take pictures. I always look forward to his great pictures, and they usually turn out better than mine. The kids had loads of fun and are already planning their costumes for next year.

In this picture, Bubba is Aniken Skywalker, Mary TuTu is Cinderella, and Brooke is Jasmine. And just FYI, the speck on Bubba's eye is not a scratch in the picture, that is the "Aniken Scar". If you are up on your Star Wars trivia, Aniken has one of these battle scars in Star Wars III. All in all, I'm glad today is over and that we have a whole entire year until it comes around again.


Laci said...

aww yay! How fun!

Laci said...

i know it's not me! i made four different business cards with differet pics I've taken in order to help sell my work. I just only put one example on my blog.

The Pittman's said...

How cute!!! They're getting so big!