Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Welcome to 2006!

Yes, I am cool now. If you had doubts before, wonder no more. I'm cool. To prove it, I want to show you a pic of this.

It's my new CELL PHONE! I got a cell phone this week! No more wandering in to coffee shops in the middle of the afternoon to beg to borrow their phone so I can track down members of my family! It is so exciting, I even have voice mail! I haven't figured out how to silence it yet, but I do have the numbers of every person I know including my hairdresser and my most loyal babysitter programed into the address book. And I figured out how to change the font color and background on the welcome screen! Yea, me!


Laci said...

well you're definatley moving up in the world! I'm so proud of you! What's your digits???

Laci said...

i just noticed that your lil weather woman said it was prettty chilly there tonight. I'm so happy fall is here. I went into work this morning feeling pretty warm and came out this afternoon chattering! weird!

Jennifer Binkley said...

Yea!!! I have been there with you, and yest there is a certain freedom that only a cell phone can provide! Enjoy!