Monday, January 29, 2007

Anxiously Awaiting

The twins are 100% girl. I know this because they are counting down the days until Cinderella III comes out on DVD. (I'm not sure what Cinderella II was, we were obviously not into the girly stuff when it came out.) If you haven't heard about this movie, let me fill you in. The story attempts to answer the question "What if the glass slipper didn't fit Cinedrella?" Of course there are evil plots and schemes by the stepmother, and the stepsisters are as ugly as ever. It promises to include every element needed to be a bonafied fairy tale. Will Cinderella still fall in love with the Prince? Will the Prince fight against all evil for the love of his princess? Are they destined to be together in spite of the forces against them?

The girls spent some time with my mom this weekend and they found the trailer to the movie on-line. After watching it, they were indignant at the possibility of Cinderella's fairy tale falling apart. They were crushed and couldn't stop talking about it. "Mommy, Cinderella doesn't marry the prince!", in that "how can it be?" voice their dramatic selves have perfected. They can't wait to see the movie to find out what happens to their heroine.

I'm glad to have some allies in this department. Until lately, I was the only female presence in the house. We had to skip the mushy parts of movies and get to the "good stuff". Just about the time my favorite part of the movie would come on (the end where everyone kisses and makes up and finally admits that they are in love) the boys would begin to wrestle, or just change the channel all together. As boys just knowing it's going to happen is enough. As a girl, I want to see it happen. I want to watch the end and experience closure. The boys just want to watch how they win the fight scene.
Now when we watch a movie, the girls sit entranced until they watch Troy and Gabriella finally get together at the end of the movie. Then they reinact the stories for hours (Brooke almost always has to be the boy). They are girls, they love a good story, all of it, not just the gross parts.

I, for one, can't wait until the movie comes out so we can buy it, bring it home, and relish in the "girlyness" of it all. It will be fun to see just how the Prince wins his princess all over again!


A D said...

Isn't it nice to get someone to watch those movies with. Right now I am lucky, Thomas likes them too! He loves Ariel. In fact, he wanted an Ariel birthday party but Cody refused, so...Cars will be the theme for his party - very boy appropriate. He also loves Annie and he and Elizabeth sing songs from the movie where ever we go.
I can't wait for Barbies!!!

realitymomma said...

if anyone needs a girly moment, come visit me! somtimes i want a little boy to come so we can watch something else. luckily, my girls are balanced and like the boy stuff, too. syd who has had peter pan for costumes, super man for a party and is now signed up for softball, makes me a little eased on the everyday bleeding of pink! kirk however can stop singing songs from high school musical and can quite wanting to watch the movie beginning to end. jenni, he is as mushy as you.....but the singing really needs to go! it hurts the ears....but thank goodness for fairy tale movies, b/c ones like the break-up made me mad. i want the fairy tale "happy" ending, not the real life, we never talk again ending. i am with you for sure on that!