Wednesday, January 17, 2007

The New Blogger!

I finally made the switch. I am officially on the New Blogger (formerly known as "Blogger Beta"- I'm not sure why, in the year 2006, they chose Beta to signify a new generation of blogging since it reminds me of the video tapes that came out before VHS, but, anywhoo...) Whatever it is called, I am now a user of it. I tried to convert several months ago so it would quit flashing at me every time I logged on, but I couldn't figure out how to insert all my nifty stuff in the sidebar and the tickers that keep me excited about whatever is coming up.

When I first started my blog, I spent hours trying to decipher the HTML codes on the template and even more hours doing trial and error programming until I figured out how to add all that stuff that makes it cute. I still don't know anything about HTML programming, I just know how to copy and paste the stuff where I want it.

So, I thought, this Beta thing is supposed to be easier. If I could figure out the HTML stuff, surely I could figure out the easy stuff. Well, I couldn't, at least not in the first hour of trying, so I reverted back to my old format and thought, "Don't try to fix it if it ain't broke!"

Well this week, Binkley Blog got a new look, and I could tell she used the new format. I thought, (no offense to you Binkley Blog), if she can do it, so can I. So I tried it again today and had success! It really is a lot easier than reading a bunch of nonsense where every little period and slash means something huge.

Thanks Binkley Blog for inspiring me to broaden my horizons. That doesn't happen very often.

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The Binkley Family said...

no offense taken. It was your blog that inspired me, actually, because it was always way I know why. I wasn't willing to take the time to figure out where the stuff went. Kudos for switching over.

BTW, I think they call it Beta because of Alpha, Beta...however that goes. That is my guess.