Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Cinderella III Spoiler!

"It was so bery good!" - Mary TuTu

"Ha! Can we watch the funny parts again?" - Brooke

As you can imagine, yesterday was quite an exciting day at our house. After school, we went to Walmart to pick up a few odds and ends. As we were approaching the Valentine section, the girls spotted it. Cinderella III! I had...kinda'..."forgotten" about it, and I thought they had, too, but they saw it and we couldn't leave the store without it. They even sat stone still in the basket until we left because I told them that we wouldn't buy it if they weren't good while we were shopping. (If you know my 3 yr olds, you know the effort it took for them to be so still and quiet for so long...I had to reward the effort) Of course they turned the movie on as soon as we got home (much to Bubba's dismay) and sat for approximately 74 min. lost in happily ever after. Their favorite babysitter even stopped by for a visit and they wouldn't even budge long enough to give her a hug.

I didn't have time to watch it until this morning (I really didn't have time this morning, but I needed something to help me put off cleaning). I must say, Cinderella III did not disappoint in the fairy tale department. It was pretty creative as sequels go, and of course in the end Cinderella and the Prince got to live happily ever after...again.

**SPOILER**For those of you with only boys at home, here's the scoop: On their one year anniversary, the prince (I was slightly disappointed that by the third installment we still don't know what "the prince's" name is) and Cinderella were celebrating with the fairy god-mother at a magical party in the woods. Fairy god-mother lost her magic wand. After finding the magic wand, the evil stepmother figured out that Cinderella had used magic to make her fairy tale come true just one year ago. Driven by bitterness and revenge, the stepmother cast a spell to turn back the clock, make the shoe fit Anastasia the step-sister, and make the prince forget all about the night he spent with Cinderella at the ball. As the prince and Anastasia's wedding approaches, Cinderella and her mouse friends try to break the spell cast over the prince. Even under the evil spell, the prince can feel that something isn't right. In the end, true love is stronger than the evil magic, and the prince falls in love with Cinderella all over again. Anastasia realizes that the prince will always love Cinderella and chooses to help them get together. (because...all any girl really wants is someone to choose her over everyone else in the whole kingdom.) Brooke and Mary TuTu laughed the hardest at the end when the step-mother and the evil step-sister get turned in to toads.**END SPOILER**

So, all in all, I say we give it three thumbs up. Thank you, God, for giving me daughters. Girly stuff is so much fun with them. Thank you for giving me my very own Prince Charming. Thank you for Bubba and the Prince Charming you are growing him to be.


The Binkley Family said...

I appreciate the spoiler. I may have to rent it on some night that Gary will be out and watch it when Zach goes to bed.

A D said...

You will have to tell Cody it was good. Elizabeth wanted to buy it (I tried to rent it with no luck) but he thought it would be like most of Disney's sequels (like Cinderella 2) and said no. So....if you see him...

SJ said...

Enjoyed the spoiler! I went to W-M yesterday (with R & J & J) and as I saw we were coming up on the C-III display I had to do one of those things only *loving* moms do...I said "Hey girls! Look over there!" and pointed the other direction while walking faster! LOL! You're such a good mommy!

elena jane said...

darn, i forgot to look for this the other day, glad you wrote your review cos now i will def pick it up this weekend!