Sunday, June 03, 2007

Because our entire life could be a public service announcement

It's day 1 of the meal plan, and so far I don't plan on following it even for one meal. This is why I try not to plan anything... or have any kind of expectations about anything...

Thursday night Bubba had a baseball game. The whole family was at the baseball fields most of the evening.

Friday morning Mary TuTu woke up complaining that her foot hurt. I took a quick look at it, gave it a kiss, and moved on with my morning. Friday, mid-morning, she was complaining again and this time when I checked it out, the inside of her ankle was beginning to swell up. I couldn't imagine what had happened and she couldn't tell me when it started hurting. By the time school was out, I decided that she must be having an allergic reaction to a mosquito bite, so I started giving her Benedryl and applying anti-itch cream. This seemed to stop the complaining, so I thought I'd give the Benedryl time to work its magic and check on it the next morning. We went to the amusement park Friday evening and didn't hear any complaints about it.

Saturday morning we got up early to take Honey to the airport, and her foot didn't look worse, but it didn't look better. So, I called and visited with our weekend nurse. She told me to take her in to the weekend clinic.

At 11:00 yesterday morning, the doctor told me that some sort of bug bite has gotten infected and that she needs a crazy strong shot to clear up the infection and a crazy strong anti-biotic to protect against and fight any staph infection that might be lurking. And the doctor drew a circle around the edges of the infected area with a permanent marker and said if the swelling gets any worse, to take her to the ER ... immediately. Oh, and please wait in the office about 20 minutes because if she has a reaction to the shot we give her, the reaction will be severe. And, if she breaks out in a rash after taking the antibiotic, stop giving it to her and go to the ER ... immediately. And, make an appointment for a follow up visit on Sunday morning, because it can't wait until Monday for us to see our regular pediatrician.

So, we followed all of the instructions, made it through the day with no reaction to the shot or the anti-biotic, and felt like her foot was improving every hour. Later that evening, as I am sending Bubba out the door with Grampy to the baseball game and loading the girls up for a visit with Gran so I can make it to the airport to pick up Honey, he calls and informs me that Sunday we will be having an overnight guest. And since he is taking Monday off to pursue a job lead, he has to work.

Here is what our meal plan will be today:

planned - smoothies on the way to church
improvised - cereal and cereal bars between cleaning and vacuuming the hall bathroom and Bubba's room, and going to the dr

planned- eat out after church
improvised- not sure, but not eating out since part of us were at the dr. office and part of us are at work

improvised-not sure, but thanks to my handy-dandy shopping list and meal plan, I have plenty of tasty dishes to choose from and all the ingredients I could possibly want, because I just can't serve our company cereal and popcorn for dinner

We returned from the doctor with a good report. Mary TuTu's foot seems to be getting better. We should see an even bigger difference by tomorrow. If it is not almost 100% better by mid-week, we need to see our peditrician. All you moms know that if you give your child a crazy strong antibiotic and a crazy strong shot all in the same day, you have to make sure you are available to spend crazy amounts of time on the toilet, so we will not be venturing from home today.

So, watch those bug bites, and use bug spray!
As for the meal plan, we'll see how tomorrow goes!


The Binkley Family said...

yeah, planning never works well for me either. since baseball began it has been even worse! (PB&J, anyone?)

We will keep an eye on the bug bites. Zach has so many right now and I have actually be using the bug spray. They are so bad this year!

Laci said...

you're such a great mom!!