Wednesday, June 06, 2007

The best laid plans

I've discovered something about myself. I'm not a planner. I want to be, I pretend like I am, sometimes I even go through the motions of actually planning ahead, but when it comes down to it, 90 % of the time I'm a fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants kind of girl.

I have tried schedules of many kinds...housework schedules, exercise schedules, kids' chore schedules, computer schedules, and my latest endeavor...the cooking schedule. Remember the "plan the meals for an entire week several days ahead of time" idea? Well, we are on day four of the meal plan, and so far we have eaten 1 out of 11 meals the way I had them planned. 1 OUT OF 11.

Monday morning we did actually eat poppy seed bread for breakfast. But all the rest of it went out the window as soon as Honey unexpectedly worked out of town 2 days, Mary TuTu spent two mornings at the dr.'s office, a friend came to stay overnight at the last minute, family unexpectedly came to town, we offered to help a friend out with childcare, and we agreed to help a family member out with childcare. Not to mention last minute baseball practices and games, since it is tournament season and just impossible to plan ahead when you don't know which team beat which other team and so which team does that mean we will play on that night or the other night? Oh, and, swimming lessons? Pure exhaustion!

So here we are, Wednesday night. The plan is frito pie, fast, easy, the kids love it, and hardly any clean up at all. But after the day I've had, I think we'll be going out. Kid friendly tex-mex sounds heavenly! That makes my record 1 out of 12.


The Binkley Family said...

I can so relate. Since we started doing the sports thing, my cooking has just gone out the window. Plus, I am so tired of the mess! I love to make lists and pretend that I will actually accomplish those things.

When we moved here, I kept saying "when things get back to normal" and then I figured out finally that I was NEVER going to have a "normal" week. There would always be something. I have since decided to just do the best I can.

Larissa said...

I can totally agree...I am a nerd. I love the actual idea of planning and lists. I make them all the time, and it actually excites me. But very rarely are they ever followed. Yet, I still continue to plan and make lists. I think it's all wishful thinking that someday I will actually follow them! Until then, I will just be excited by the actual making of the lists and plans.

jen said...

You know what they say, "Fake it till you feel it!" That's my motto when it comes to planning.

Lisa said...

You make me laugh, we are the same way. Get some rest girl. I am tired just reading about it!

Lori - Queen of Dirty Laundry said...

Gosh, your life sounds like ours. We did a Menu Plan last week, and pretty much stuck to it, just rearranged some of the nights. It was just for dinner, though. I totally fly by the seat of my pants for breakfast and lunches. Easy, sleazy.

elena jane said...

adapt and improvise!! :)