Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Crazy is as Crazy Does

I realize that I have cut back on the blogging lately. There for a while I was blogging every day and sometimes, I was so inspired, I would type two posts in one day and just wait to post the second until the next day.

But here lately, it's been hit and miss. I have a few ADD tendencies and a couple of OCD tendencies, and when their universes collide, it produces a frenzy of epic proportions. When it comes to hobbies, I am very ADD. I like to sew, quilt, scrapbook, blog, read, garden, and craft, just to name a few. If I see something even remotely crafty, my first thought is "I need that". My second thought is "I could make that". It doesn't matter if it is a quilt, an ornament, or a scrapbook page. I just jump from one project to another without any rhyme or reason, or common sense.

At this point the OCD part of me usually kicks in. When I start a project, I can't rest until it is done. My eyes glaze over and I become a zombie..."Must...finish...this...skirt..." I can't think about anything else until it is done. The house looks horrendous and 1/3 of our grocery budget goes to paper goods so that I don't have to do dishes. (You'll recall that cooking, cleaning, and dishes are not on the above hobby list)

All of that to say that I've been indulging in a few of my favorite hobbies the last few days, and haven't had the spare concentration power to blog. Last week I read two books. I would love to tell you that I read to learn and make myself a better person. But I do not. I read for pleasure. My favorite genre, well, pretty much, the only genre I read, is Christian romance. I love a good story, and the fact that it is a romance is just reading heaven on earth for me. So heavenly that my little OCD self can't seem to put the book down until I am finished. I wake up early, do the bare minimum possible to get through the day with 3 children, and spend the rest of the day, and possibly the night, reading. This really isn't healthy for me, the kids, or Honey. So he found a solution. He found the greatest invention ever. It lets me indulge my ADD tendency of just picking up a book whenever the fancy strikes me, and satisfy my OCD tendency of reading the entire book cover to cover no matter how long it takes.

Honey found a series of Christian romance books at Mardel's. They are cheap, usually about $5, and there is one named for every state of the US. That means that there will eventually be 50 of them! The best part about them is that each book contains 3 or 4 short stories. The stories are usually about the same little town in whatever state, but the stories themselves are only about 140 or 160 pages. This is the perfect length to finish in a couple of hours instead of making it an all day affair. My OCD self can read one entire story and feel some closure and resolution, but also allow me to, you know, pay attention to my family.

Anyways, I'm hooked on them and when I get an itch to read again, I'll be looking for the next state on the list. But until then...I have a sewing project to work on. I think the fabric is ready to iron.


The Pittman's said...

I do the same thing- I love books!! I'm in the middle of a 12 book series right now. I started the 5th book on Friday morning and I'm on the last chapter of book 7 tonight. I'm glad that Matt likes to read too. I'll have to try the 50 state books next.

Laci said...

well after all these years, i never knew about you and reading, but that's cute! Especially Christian romance novels. You have a good honey! I fall asleep after three pages when I read.. it doesn't matter what time of the day it is.. sadly enough, my generation needs pictures! haha jk! But atleast I do.

sshough said...

I am laughing right now because we still have so much in common! The last book I read it happened in one day. I got our family scrapbook caught up at the end of April, started the kids' books and haven't picked it up since. But when I do...break out the paper plates! Momma's on a mission!

jen said...

Shell, it's you!!! So good to hear from you! I just spent 2 days back home remebering the good ole' days! It made me miss you!