Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Plan B

Well, the meal plan thing didn't exactly work out last week. Every time we ate something different than what I'd planned, I marked out the plan and wrote the reality. As you can see, we didn't stick to the plan very well at all. Not at all.
So, this week, as not to be deterred, I am taking a new approach. I'm still going to write meals down, but it will be more of a "list of options" and less of a "plan". I don't plan on shopping this week, so I'll use the meals we skipped over last week and add a few old standbys.
So without further adue, here is our "list of options" for this week:
poppyseed bread/fruit
scrambled eggs/biscuits
chicken salad
pigs 'n a blanket
chicken sandwiches
poppyseed chicken
chicken enchiladas
shrimp scampi
eat out (Because I really have probably never cooked every single night of any week. Ever.)

1 comment:

Laci said...

Hey, well at least you gave it a good shot right!? It was so good to see you and your family this weekend! Even if it was from behind a camera! I had a blast! And I really love your new house, and I wish I could spend more time there! :0)