Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The cat's out of the bag

If you're keeping score at home, you've probably already noticed that I've been changing some things on the blog. I am anticipating some other, more drastic, more professional changes in the near future, but for now, we here at Talking Hairdryer are sticking to the stuff that my soon-to-be 8 year old can explain to me. Because despite all appearances, I am computers challenged.

One of the things I was passionate about when I began this blogspot was that I wanted to remain somewhat anonymous. I didn't want to use the real names of my kids or husband. So I came up with nicknames. (Yes, they're nicknames. My husband is not really named Honey. And, contrary to what you may think of Texans in general, I do not have kids named Bubba, Brooke, or Mary TuTu.) But, during the beginning stages of creating this blog, I was pressed for time and used a nickname for myself that seemed more personal and unique. jen. It was the name I would be known for across the internet. jen. When commenting, posting, or otherwise communicating in the blogging community it would always be signed with "jen".

About 18 months in to my blogging experience I pulled my head out of the sand and realized that I wasn't the only "jen" out there. Apparently, there were others. Many others. Jen, Jenn, Gen, Genn, jen, jenn, Gin, gin. They're all pretty much the same, and while "jen" might be personal, it wasn't unique. So I started using the name "jen at conversations". This seemed to be the perfect solution to my problem. It made my signature more memorable.

"jen at conversations" was short-lived when I realized that while "conversations" alluded to my blog name, "talking hairdryer" was the most whimsical and intriguing part of my blog title. So I became "jen at talking hairdryer". And for the most part, I like jen at talking hairdryer. It's a little long, but I feel settled.

Or, I did feel settled. Until a week or so ago. When it finally hit me smack in the forehead. In case you haven't heard, I'M NOT THE ONLY JEN OUT THERE. There are probably quite literally hundreds, yea thousands, of jens, Jennis, Jennifers, Jenns, Gennys, Ginnys, Jennys, and . . . oh, the list of variations could go on. So how much more anonymous can you get? I dare say that if I told you that my real name was Jennifer until about 2nd grade when I changed it to Jenny (with a "y"); and that I have gone by Jenni (with an "i") since about 5th grade when I was attempting to make my mark on life before I started Jr. High, you probably still wouldn't know who I was. (Unless you knew me in the pre-blogging years.) Because I just dare you to Google the name Jennifer, or even Jenni, and see how many matches you get.

So, long story short, Jennifer is passing out awards just for being a Jennifer! And she gave me one! And it's my first blog award. EVER.

And, I'm so excited that I got an award that I threw caution to the wind and told all y'all my real name. I believe that it is my distinguished honor to bestow this gift to some more Jennifers. So I hereby give this award to my friends Jennifer, and Jenni.

Oh, and from now and forever more, until the mood for change strikes again, I will forever be known as "Jenni at talking hairdryer".


The Binkley Family said... award for me? I am honored. For once, my name is not a burden!!! AHA! There is a great post ahead.

Jennifer said...

YEAH! That was too funny! I was Jennifer until my Kindergarten teacher called me Jenny (much to my mother's disapproval) and it stuck all through school. Some of my close friends in HS shortened it to Jen. Well as soon as I left for college I was going to put an end to that whole "Jenny" thing because I seen it as a little girl name and after all it wasn't what my mother named me. I don't think she ever called me Jenny. It worked, I am never referred to as Jenny unless I run into someone that I went to school with and then my hubby gets a good chuckle 'cause he knows I hate it. Now I am pretty much called Jen or Jennifer. I introduce myself as Jennifer but I don't mind Jen. So there you have it everything you didn't want to know.

Misty said...

Having a Genny, I completely understand that it's true- she can be hidden forever among the Jens of the world...

but really. I am just shocked at those not being your family's real names... Who would have thought?!?!;)

Cindy said...

How funny- I noticed TODAY that your comment said jenni!!! :) See, I notice because I care!! :) (I still don't see a PHOTO of you anywhere. Rats.)

I can't believe that is your first award. I could have awarded you MANY. You were one of the first bloggers who ever really ministered to me in a personal way, and I am so thankful for you!

Jenni said...

How fun! Thanks for the award!! I am officially Jennifer, but when they gave me to my mom for the very first time, she decided that Jennifer was much too long a name for such a little girl and just chopped it off. All my life, I've been Jenni -- though for a few years in high school I tried Jennifer because I was annoyed with everyone for spelling it wrong (jenny) but it didn't stick because it isn't me. So, I just tell people how to spell it.

Larissa said...

You know that's true, who don't you put up a pic of you?

I have so many Jens, Jenns, Jennifers, JB (my sister Jenny Beth) all sorts of variations in my cell phone of people. I have to remember them differently b/c I get very confused if not.

Jennifer said...

you forgot me...:( haha jk... but that was fun to read!