Monday, January 14, 2008

A new twist on the old crazy

I'm not one to obsess about wearing makeup every day. I would go so far as to say that ... I'm not one to obsess about getting dressed every day. Well, you know what I mean. I've only taken Bubba to school in my pajamas once. So, when I say "get dressed", I mean hair, makeup, and matching shoes. I actually look forward to having a real excuse to just stay in my comfy clothes all day. Those excuses range from having just birthed a child to having absolutely no where to go that particular day. It's what my soul craves when life has gotten out of control and what I really need is just a day to STOP.

Well, at about 5 o'clock yesterday morning, I knew it would be one of those days. Because that's about the time when Mary TuTu woke us up saying her tummy hurt and then BARELY made it to the trash can before she "frew up".

After a little TLC, Honey offered to take the couch shift and care for the "frower upper", and I went back to bed. A couple of hours later, I got up, ate breakfast with Honey and the non-frowing up kids, and in an unprecedented move, got dressed. Well, sort of. I did my hair and put on comfy yoga pants and my favorite t-shirt. I skipped the makeup. But I was clean and presentable.

We made it through the relaxing, quiet (except for the intermittent gagging noises) day without much fanfare. After watching the first installment of Comanche Moon, Honey was tucking me in for my turn on couch duty (because we are equal opportunity couch sleepers), and he asked, "Are you going to sleep in your clothes?"

It hadn't occurred to me that I was wearing clothes instead of pjs. I thought for a minute. I thought about how Honey would leave for work in the morning well before I or the kids woke up. I thought about how I would be responsible for feeding and taking Bubba to school while looking after the "frower upper." I thought about how we weren't quite sure that the stomach bug had run it's course and that we didn't really know what the overnight hours would bring. I thought about taking the effort to get undressed just to wake up in a few short hours and have to take the effort to get dressed again. I made a decision. "Yes, I am going to sleep in my clothes."

"Ok, love you." Honey said without blinking an eye as he kissed me goodnight. (Obviously he's used to my level of crazy.)

So, while the norm for this situation is for me to announce that things have been so crazy here that I haven't even gotten dressed in 2 days, the fact is that in a strange twist of events, I can honestly report to you that I haven't gotten undressed in 2 days. I know! It's crazy right?

I can't even begin to tell you what a great idea sleeping in my clothes was. As I groggily went through the motions of feeding, fixing lunch, overseeing the grooming process, and holding the trash can this morning, the fact that I wouldn't have to spend the energy to get dressed just made my morning. And the fact that I was already presentable when my neighbor's husband came to the door to pick up Bubba and drive him to school was just an extra little mood lifter.

(Have I mentioned what great neighbors we have? I didn't even have to beg when I called to ask if Bubba could car pool today. I'm pretty sure she knew I was desperate because she could probably hear the gagging over the phone. She even packed a few extra treats for Mary TuTu like crackers and applesauce and had her husband deliver them when he came to pick up Bubba.)

So, anyway, I've decided that the pre-adolescent boys that try to convince their mom that it would save time if they could just sleep in their clothes might actually be on to something. My advice is "don't knock it till you try it."


SJ said...

Hey! I'll jump on that bandwagon! The idea of not getting undressed for two days sounds heavenly! I feel the same way you do about the whole "getting dressed" process. Ugh.

Sorry the sickies have been at your house. Hope they move out soon!

Misty said...

you are one of those super prepared parents without even trying! I envy you! :)

Lisa said...

HA! LOVE IT! You just TOTALLY picked me up out of my sour mood today! Thankyou! Oh, and love your favs X 19!!! I might take the time to do that, it would be nice to focus on the positive! Hope your girl is better and that your week is going better too.

Anonymous said...

I was really getting into the sleep-in-my-clothes thing until you brought up pre-adolescent boys...
I'm a grown up! What was I thinking? Oh, sorry, I wasn't.

I love reading your blogs.