Wednesday, February 06, 2008

There's an old addage that says "What goes up, must come down." I've changed it to "What you put off to clear your schedule in January so you can have a month of rest, must be done in February." I think it's catchy.

We have agreed to teach Bible class for the pre-k age and host our community group every Sunday in February. We will also be celebrating Bubba's 8th birthday during the first half of the month. Yes, the whole entire 1st half of the month. Surely you've figured out by now that we drag holidays on for A WHILE around here.

In a twisted act of fate, or whatever, there are 5 Fridays in February. The shortest month of 2008 has 5 Fridays! So, there are 5 fabulous days this month committed to PTA. Throw in the weekly basketball practices and games, a workday for the preschool, a dinner engagement with Honey's boss, a baby shower, a birthday party, and a couple of Valentine parties, and you have a grasp on our month.

Oh, January, how I miss thee! Let me count the ways.


javamamma said...

Grace, grace to you in February! Hopefully your month of rest will help you RUN this month. :)

Shelly said...

Hang in there girl! Spring Break is around the corner! (Or does that help?)

Misty said...

Oh... I too put things off, but man oh man... It never works like I hope.

SJ said... see you in March? That makes me tired just reading it! Going to go take a nap now. (I wish!)

Hope it all goes smoothly and as painlessly as possible!