Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Oh yes we did.

So, Honey has a full time job. The one where he drives around and sells stuff to some people and his company pays him some money. But, Honey also has a second job. It is all manual labor, and it involves installing some of the stuff that he sells as part of his full time job. With me so far?

Anyways, as with any manual labor position, Honey's work clothes are always very dirty when he gets home from working. So dirty, in fact, that I usually make him disrobe in the garage because I don't need those clothes adding to the level of dirt we've already achieved inside the house. It's a delicate balance.

At some point between manual labor jobs the clothes get washed, and I try not to think about all the muck that gets swirled around in my washer, that may or may not get completely rinsed away when the washing is done.

A couple of weeks ago Honey came home and the level of muck hit a new high. It was the kind of muck that you get on you when you've been kneeling in the grease and oil that drains from huge engines. He was so yucky that even he didn't want to wash the grime in our washer. So last week, the night before his next job, we put the kids to bed, left Uncle Bubba in charge, and headed to a laundry mat to wash the stuff in their washers.

We started with the one closest to our house and gradually moved farther away finding each time that they were closed. Since when did laundry mats close before 10 pm? Admittedly, we probably would have made it to the first one just before it closed, but we stopped at Sonic before heading over there. We needed some beverages to sip while we waited for the washer to go off.

Honey was frustrated as we drove around. Just before we returned home in defeat, I noticed that every single car wash that we passed was still open.

Joking, I suggested, "I guess we could wash them off at a car wash."

After thinking for a minute, Honey agreed that I might be on to something. So we pulled in to the next one we passed. He hung his clothes on the clips made for the floor mats. Feeding the quarters into the timer, Honey turned the knob to the de-greaser and began spraying his clothes.

And you know what? It worked. I know. I'm as surprised as you. I'm thinking about featuring it on Works for Me Wednesday. Look for it under "the klassy way to do your laundry".

Of course I didn't have my camera with me because I thought we were going to do a load of laundry the old fashioned boring way. Believe me, I would have taken pictures if I'd had it because you can't make this stuff up.
Here's the kicker. Honey said that he's going to do it again. The next time he comes home greased up like a pig at at rodeo, he's doing it again. And I will totally have my camera ready.


Misty said...

should he just drive home naked, via car wash, and write it off as a business expense? :)

Rosheeda said...

LOL i love it!!! U have GOT to take some pictures.

Krista said...

Oh girl! Gotta see a picture! =) So . . . is tweeter sort of like facebook, etc? I just don't know if I can add another vice to my already busy life!? Thinking about it . . .

Krista said...

Okay, the English teacher in me just kicked in . . . I used the incorrect word above . . . hate when that happens!! Just mentally take out 'vice' and put in 'thang' . . . works, right? =)

SJ said...

Oh yeah...I totally believe it. And the thing is, no one driving by in that part of the world probably thought anything of it.

Probably wished they thought of it themselves.

Here, as long as it was "organic" degreaser and it didn't splash on their Subaru Outback with fully loaded kayak/ski rack, it'd be ok too.

The Binkley Family said...

Don't you love it when your inner hillbilly kicks in and you find yourself doing your laundry at the car wash????

You are too funny!!!!

Cheri said...

That is too funny!! I'll have to remember that when Jake needs his dirty clothing washed!!!!