Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The Rundown

So, we've got a lot going on these days. Why do I always feel robbed of the last sweet days of summer by the time August is over? It's like the madness starts August 1 and doesn't end until January. . .

Anyways, Gayle has a post up today in the form of bullets, and it got me to thinkin'. I need to get all of this out of my head and on to a list. I love lists. They make my weeks much more manageable when I can see it all on paper. I can handle almost anything once I know what it is.

What's great about this list is that it's interactive. Near the end, I ask for your bloggy advice. So, please, read, contemplate, and then share.

But, I have to start at the beginning so I don't miss anything. So here, in bullet form, is what has been going on at the Hairdryer house:

- School shopping. I think everyone except us and Montana has started school. But here in the great state of Texas it's a rule that you can't start until the 4th Monday in August. So we're still in do-we-have-enough-underware-to-make-it-through-the-week-and-does-it-still-fit? mode. The girls aren't too hard. I can pretty much pick up anything in their size and it will fit.

Bubba, is different story. His build is a little harder to clothe. He's going in to 3rd grade, he's 4' 10", and he weighs just over 100 lbs. His foot is a size 7 in kids. For those of you who haven't made it up that far in the shoe ladder, the next size up is in the MEN's section. He can wear my shoes, (he's outgrown both grandma's feet) and we are gradually getting closer to wearing the same size t-shirts. He's in an adult M and I'm in an adult L.

So, we have to try everything on before we buy it with him. We never know from one brand to the next what size he needs. Or if we can even shop in the boys section . . . I'm comforting myself with the fact that someday, his feet will outgrow all the conventional sizes and we'll be able to special order his shoes from a catalogue. That will help so much when fighting the tax-free weekend crowds.

- Since this is the week before school starts, we're doing the whole, get up early and go to bed on time thing. It's killing us all.

- Workdays at The Preschool started yesterday. We have 2 weeks until our classes start. My goal is to get my room ready this week so that I can work on planning next week. Maybe I'll take some pictures and post them for you when I get my room done.

- We got a new bed this weekend. They are delivering it this morning . . . hopefully they will be here any minute, but you know how that goes. We are giving Bubba our old one. So, I've been washing sheets, and blankets, and matress pads all morning so we will all have a place to sleep tonight.

HERE'S THE PART WHERE I NEED YOUR BLOGGY ADVICE: Since we upgraded to a King, we have all new sheets and blankets. After washing the new blanket twice and drying it once, it still smells like the plastic packaging it came in. The odor is overwhelming. And now that the sheets have been in the same dryer, it's made them stink as well. Any ideas on how to get our new bedding smelling fresh?

- AND, Friday morning, I'm leaving before dawn to go to San Antonio for an ALL GIRLS weekend. I'm getting to see my BFF from High School, her mom, and I'm also going to get to meet some bloggy friends face to face. We are all going to get to see Beth Moore, and hopefully meet her face to face. So, I'm also doing laundry for that little trip. Or else y'all'l (that's short for y'all will) have to look at me in some dirty, wrinkled, style a'la 1994, t-shirts and shorts. Because the clothes that I have left over from 1994 are the only ones I have clean right now. So, it's in all of our best interests for me to quit the blogging and continue the laundry rightthisminute.

Tell me, oh blog goddesses, how can I remove that horid smell from my blanket?


The Binkley Family said...

My only advice is to use lots of Febreeze. When I was in college, my roommate and I picked up a chair from goodwill that stunk to high heaven. We doused it in Febreeze and viola, it was good as new. Seriously!

Shelly said...

Would Oxyclean get that out? Or baking soda? I have no idea. Sorry I'm no help.

Marie said...

Hang them outside.

Can you do that where you are? I'm in the sticks of Maine.

Where we don't start school until Aug 26.

Next town over starts the 27th, if that makes you feel better!

Jennifer said...

No help on the smell but thought you'd like to know that you aren't alone with kids still on summer break. Here in Michigan we don't start until the day after Labor day.

Cindy-Still His Girl said...

Pay to have it drycleaned?? Maybe one more wash with lots of scented fabric softener would do it?

see you soon! :)

Annikke said...

I know for "sour" smelling towels and rags I use vinegar and baking soda in the washer. I pour about 1/2-1 cup of each in the wash and run a regular cycle. Then I wash a second time with my regular soap (for a fresher smell). It works wonders on the towels, maybe it would work for the plastic smell??? Just an idea!

Mommy Cracked said...

I was going to suggest vinegar, too. Thank you so much for the birthday wishes! It brightened my day. Have an awesome time this weekend!!

Anonymous said...

sounds like good advice above... I can't think of anything else to add... you have good and wise bloggy friends!
Mama J
See you in about 16-17 hours!!!
Love ya!

SJ said...

I was also going to say vinegar (and it's supposedly good to keep colors from fading too...but I haven't tested that theory).

And...he's WHAT? Size 7?! Mackenzie is in size 3 shoe. And we have a similar clothes problem with the cookie cutter sizes no longer working. We need skinny waist and long legs. Thank goodness for those adjustable waist jeans!!! But evenso, sometimes it just looks like we tied a sack around her waist because it's all bunched up...just to get the leg length right.

Congrats on the new bed! You'll love the extra room.

Tamra said...

Okay. The contest is on! Check my blog for details. :)

Did you get your stinky sheets problem solved?

Happy first day of school!

Gayle @ thewestiecrew said...

Sweet Jennie, I had such a GREAT time with you this weekend.

You really, really blessed me!