Saturday, November 01, 2008

The Headlines

So, there are some big stories developing here at the Hairdryer household. The headline, of course, is Halloween. Remember what I said about how I was celebrating Halloween yesterday? Remember the short PTA meeting? Well, it turned out to be not so short. Anyway, that gave me 30 minutes to get home, get the kids dressed, clean out the back of our van for "Trunk and Treat", and get to the restaurant where we were meeting friends for dinner before the Halloween festivities.
Not included in that list of things to do was take pictures. It just slipped my mind. So the kids and I just got back inside from taking the Halloween: Morning After photos. Brooke was a good witch, Bubba was a football player (in this picture), and Mary TuTu was Sharpay.
I think Bubba is in a weird place when it comes to Halloween. He is making the change from buying the same costume 200 other boys will be wearing off the rack at Walmart, to coming up with an original idea and piecing together a costume with random stuff. This year he wanted to be the Jonas Brothers and dress up with his cousins. The problem with that is that out of the 3 Halloween events he was attending, only one of them included his cousins. So we spent his Halloween costume allotment on the Jonas brothers outfit.
At the other two events, he chose to dress up as a basketball player at one, and a football player at the other. So, it was anyone's guess as to which person he was going to be this morning when I announced the morning after pictures.
In other news, as of this morning, I've officially lost 40.2 lbs! It's taken me a little over 6 months, but the pounds are gone forever! I'm about 6 lbs away from what I weighed when we found out I was pregnant with Bubba. That weight is another huge goal of mine, but I'm still about 20 lbs away from my ultimate goal.
And lastly, in sports, in case you haven't heard, the biggest college football game in the nation is happening this week in Lubbock. Number 7 Texas Tech is playing #1 Texas tonight. Thanks to a wedding that my parents are attending this weekend, and some good friends that are willing to spend the evening with our kids, Honey and I are going to be there to see this HUGE game. Oh, I'll be writing more about it Monday.
Have a great Saturday!


Sunny said...

Cute! Good for you for taking morning after pics. (unlike me last year...ahem!)

That's funny about Bubba switching costumes! Does he play football in flip flops? Just curious.

CONGRATS on losing over 40!!!! WOW! I bet that feels SO good. When do we get more pics of you?

Have fun at the game! I bet Lubbock is all in a tizzy.

Lisa Renee said...

Have fun at the game! I want to see a picture of the 'new you'! Way to go working on your goal! Oh, on your candy-free gifts I give Halloween socks every year to the teachers.Next year I am doing shirts. Academy had the cutest ones this year for only $5!!! OF course the socks were from dollar tree so still quite a bit cheaper but I tied them with raffia and a card. Miss seeing you...

Lisa Renee said...

Did you get my e-mail about the uppercase living party at my house this Thursday night?

Jennifer said...

Wow! 40 lbs in 6 months? You rock!

I LOVE college football. We went to the MSU game today. I hope you enjoy your game.


realitymomma said...

great costumes and of course your wonderful halloween ideas for gifts and all. congrats one the weight loss! "weigh" to go!!!!

Mandy/Mommy Cracked said...

40 pounds!!!! 40 pounds!!!! Girl, that is AMAZING!!! I'm so proud of you!!! The kids looks very sute in their Halloween costumes. Any good news with the PTA yet?

The Pittman's said...

Congrats on losing 40 pounds!!!!
I'm jealous that you were at the game last night... and glad that Tech won!!