Saturday, April 11, 2009

It was a GOOD Friday

I'm here at home playing nurse to a girl who "throwed up two times this morning". The guys are at Bubba's baseball game. I can't decide who has it worse, me with the thrower-upper, or Honey at the cold, windy game. It's cold out there this morning. And windy. And Honey just called and said they are in a lightning delay. But we're winning. This could be our first win of the season. The first year of kid-pitch is rough.

But since I'm warm at home, I'm attempting to divert my attention away from the cookies we made yesterday by blogging and eating some grapes and yogurt. And you get to hear all about our day yesterday. Because the new, healthy me is not an emotional eater. I do not need a cookie just because I'm missing the first win of the season.

Moving on.

I can't remember a better Good Friday. I mean, it was good.

All week at The Preschool, we've been learning about the letter E, so of course, Thursday afternoon, we made green eggs and ham. The kids loved it even though it ended up looking like guacamole.

So yesterday morning when it was time for breakfast, Bubba and the girls wanted green eggs. I agreed to make them before I checked the pantry and discovered that the only food coloring colors I had was yellow and red. So we had scrambled eggs that were a nice coral color with bacon bits and cheese cooked in.

We had just enough time to clean up breakfast before my new BFF, the Maytag Man, came by. He brought the new washer and dryer. And it was love at first sight. See? They're kinda' winking at me. Or maybe that's the load of towels I already had going. Whatever.

The Maytag Man shared a wealth of information with me as he was setting up my new friends. He said that my old washer used 90 gallons of water every time I ran it, and that the new one will use about the same amount of electricity, but only about 16 gallons of water. Wow! Really? There's that big of a difference?
And the dryer? It will only take about half the electricity my old one did because it will only take about half as long to do the job.
And we made sure to get the set with a large capacity. Because when there are 6 people doing laundry, sometimes it's about quantity. So to test the large capacity-ness I found every bath towel, hand towel and wash cloth I could get my hands on and stuffed them all in the washer. And they fit! And they all came out clean and dry! And I could have probably put a couple more bath towels in if I'd wanted, but I didn't want to ruin a good thing.
Those statistics alone should have been enough to spark some love, but I'm shallow. I love them most because they are red.
Yes, I'm very environmentally conscious.

My secret pal at school gave me some cookie mix, icing, and some spring time cookie cutters. So after lunch, the kids and I made some really tasty Easter cookies. I did not let my lack of food coloring dampen our Good Friday spirits. We made pink, yellow, and orange icing.

And here's the picture that shows just how much will-power I am demonstrating right now. I may or may not have had one or two cookies yesterday, but today is a new day. And did I mention how yummy the grapes and yogurt taste?

And we're not even done yet.
Earlier in the week, Cindy's words really pricked my heart. For whatever reason, it might even be an old-school Church of Christ thing, I've never really thought much about the real reasons we celebrate Easter and Christmas. I know each holiday marks a pivotal point in the life of Jesus and therefore my own personal salvation, and I do love and appreciate those things. But they have never been strongly connected to the holidays for me.
And when I read about the kids Cindy has been working with, and the fact that so many of them didn't know that Easter was more than just bunnies and candy. . . Honestly, I was afraid that my own children could have possibly been in that group. How much of an emphasis do I place on Jesus and the sacrifice he made, and the love God has for me when I plan our Easter celebrations?
So Friday morning, I had the kids help me assemble a set of Resurrection Eggs. At the time, they didn't really know what we were doing, but they were eager to help me think of things around the house to add to the eggs. When Honey got home from work, the kids and I showed him the Resurrection Eggs we'd made earlier in the day. We sat down as a family and went through some of the events of Jesus' last week on earth.
We took all of our scriptures from the book of Mark, and I showed Bubba the verses in his own Bible so he could go back and look at them on his own later. I even gave him his own heart sticker to put in the margin of his Bible to remind him that there were verses there that tell about how much God loves him. Then the girls got their story book Bibles out and we marked the crucifixion story with a heart sticker.

Next week, I'm planning on showing them John 3:16 and letting Bubba mark that verse with a heart sticker. And then the next week I'll show him another verse for a heart sticker. And pretty soon he'll have several heart stickers in his Bible. Because right now, the most important thing I want him to know, deep down in the depths of his heart, is how much God loves him. And when he has any doubt, I want him to know where to look to be reminded of God's wonderful love.
Happy Easter, y'all!


Larissa said...

I haven't gotten to read this whole thing yet, I just couldn't take my eyes off your RED washer and dryer! I am SOOOOO jealous of that!!!! You know you're a mom whe you're jealous of someone's washer and That's so awesome, I think I might actually like doing laundry if I had one of those. Probably not, but you know I'm sure that's a great selling point to the hubby!!! :)

Misty said...

it sounds wonderful! I always try to find creative ways to show Genny things about Christ. Real and personal ways she can identify with...

your washer and dryer! Wowzers!

kimberly t. bowling said...

The heart sticker is such a marvelous idea....and a great way for the kids to mark places in their bibles. God's Love, it is a deeply wonderful, amazingly giving emotion He bestows to each of us.....unconditionally.

And I TOTALLY love the new laundry set.

Cindy-Still His Girl said...

You know I LOVE the heart stickers. First thing that tied me to you. Love you!