Thursday, September 03, 2009

In the interest of full disclosure

...for Misty...

The pile that haunts my sleep...
-shorts I need to fix for my brother
-fabric originally (about 5 years ago) intended for curtains, but now I want to make into a table runner
-books the girls want to learn to read
-hidden by the pile of books, Bubba's Ninja Turtle alarm clock that we finally replaced with a more grown up version
-music to add to my ipod
-kleenex box on top of the pile only because Brooke needed a tissue this morning before school
-useless phone books
-misc. stuff to file
-a box of envelopes
-some lime green tissue paper
-a box of mailing labels
-the girls' PreK graduation hat tassels
-some electric stove burner covers (every house we've owned during our 11 year marriage has had an oven with a solid ceramic stove top)
-pizza coupons
-an old 3 ring binder that I just can't bear to throw away . . . I know the minute I do, I'll need it


Misty said...

you are so funny... ok. I am totally adding a photo of my Bar AND desk because your pile looks so organized compaired to mine...

Misty said...

i totally did it... and, if you'll notice on my laptop- is your blog :)

The Pittman Family said...

The mess in our office has spread from the desktop to the floor to the bed and every other flat surface available. I might just have to take a picture and post it for you. It would make you feel a LOT better about your desk :)
By the way, I love the bright flowers in the corner and that wall color is to die for! I might have to find a wall I can paint!

Kaylen said...

Ha - I never have one big stack like this. I love to sort through medium size piles and make them into many more little piles in separate areas of the house. So I have the counter stack of paper, the desk stack, the closet stack and the corner of the dresser stack.