Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Just so we're clear ... I'm in the cool crowd again

I finally read the Twilight series. All the cool people are doing it, right?

I borrowed the books from Jennifer and read them in about 4 days.

All 2400 pages. In 4 days.

There wasn't much time in my life for anyone but Edward. I was a little taken with him.

My brother caught on pretty quick. We grew up in the same house, he's got some...experience. He knows how I get. When I showed him the impressive stack of reading material I'd borrowed, I saw the wheels in his head begin to turn.

2400 pages...divided by 4 days...600 pages a day...totally within the realm of possibilities for her...4 days of nothing but reading...

She isn't going to cook for 4 days.

If I don't do something I'm not eating for 4 days!

So he offered to bring home pizza for supper the next night.

I am all about Uncle Bubba bringing home pizza for supper. I don't have to cook, and it doesn't take away from my eat-out envelope. It's a win/win for me. So I took him up on his offer.

And, good to his word, the next night, he brought home pizza for supper. And it fed my little family of 6 for quite a while.
It was a lot of pizza.
It was kind of like Shepherd's Pie with an Italian twist. It was really good, and filling, and we ate on it the entire time I was reading the series. Except for the peanut butter lovers Reese's. Those were gone the first night.
I loved the books. The first one and the third one were my favorites. The fourth one was just a'ight for me.
During the reading marathon, Honey, Uncle Bubba, and I watched the movie. (By the way, I would like it documented on the blog how much I love Red Box. I love it a lot. Not as much as I love Edward, but close.) They both liked the movie enough that we're all excited for the second movie to come out later this month. So excited, in fact, that we'll probably actually pay money to see it in the theater instead of waiting for it to come out on DVD so we can rent it at the Red Box.
Clearly, we're obsessed.
And clearly, it will be a while before our arteries can handle pizza again.


kimberly t. bowling said...

That pizza...That stuffed pizza...what an italian delight...oh, my! Wish I had an artery clogging piece RIGHT NOW!!!

Glad to "hear" from you! :) Have a blessed week!

Erica said...

I also read them in four days! They really pull you in;-) Glad you are back to the blogging world I have missed you. The pizza pie looks amazing, I am hungry now.

Melissa said...

I have to admit, I have jumped on the Twilight wagon as well...but I read the 4 books in about 2 weeks. I snuck in 2 or 3 minutes of reading time as much as I could, but I sure wished I could skip work and just read! I liked the 1st and 3rd books as well...can't wait for New Moon to come out in theaters!

The Binkley Family said...

I haven't read the books, but your pizza pics sure made me hungry! May have to check into the books....sounds good!