Monday, March 29, 2010

deep cleansing breath...

good weekend

the highlights:

baseball game #1 - windy, dirt in the air better than microderm abrasion, lost a heartbreaker

deep clean and paint living room and entry til 2 am

sleep late

purchase new hat to wear to baseball games in an attempt to keep my hair from being a tangled mess in the wind

baseball game #2 - windy, dirt in the air, kinda' sick of the exfoliation treatments by now, WIN the game and the grin on Bubba's face made the wind/dirt worth it

eat out with the grandparents

visit with the cousins that are in town

kids sleep over with the cousins

go to bed early in the kid free, quiet house

worship - EARLY!

lunch with cousins


homeowners association meeting

march madness

make Bubba's habitat project - it's a rain forest, not the paradise you'd expect, see the lions looking at the monkeys trying to find a way to eat them? he's in 4th grade...what can I say?

move all the furniture back into place, hang new wall art, clean off bookshelf

visit with old youth group kids getting married in August
wake up Monday morning ready to hit Hobby Lobby to finish the living room


Jennifer said...

i should have spent more time out in the wind/dirt. I need some serious microdermabrasion!

AND, from what i can see in the picture, i love the new look in the living room~

Shelly@Sweet Journey said...

My computer is not liking pictures today, but the one I can see looks great!

How's that bracket holding up? Everyone I have seen said theirs is out the window!

SweetBoy starts baseball practice tonight. (He still has basketball games on the schedule, but that has kind of fizzled. We'll see.) But I'm not looking forward to ballgames in this wind! Definetely a plus for where we moved from!