Sunday, April 04, 2010

The reason we don't send out Christmas cards

I know why my kids hate taking pictures. Because for every 36 pictures taken, 1 is worth keeping. You'd think by now they would have figured it out.

Actually Bubba's finally getting it. For the most part, he's grown out of that fake, cheesy smile phase and can look pretty natural when he wants to.

We still have to make jokes about passing gas to get that same natural smile from the girls.

OK, in all fairness, this is a photograph-er issue, not a photograph-ee issue. My strategy was to get far enough away that you couldn't tell if they were looking at the camera or not. But it backfired because all I notice is the empty, ugly, not-open water ski stadium.

Take Two...squinting, eyes watering, fake worn out smile...

Take Three...sunglasses hide the impatient eye rolls we're getting from the youngest. She'd rather be swimming at the hotel pool.

My favorite. They are so related. Still not sure if Brooke is looking at the camera.


valerie in TX said...

Laughing out loud at Take 2! :)

And you're right, even though there were 14 million (almost) people there, it IS amazing that we didn't run into each other even once the whole day!!

MB said...

right there with you! We never get a good family picture.... I can always hope.