Monday, May 02, 2011

Stuff floating around in my head

*Today is my birthday! Honey teases me that we celebrate all month. But this year, I've already been celebrating for a week. Next year, I'll aim for a full 6 week long celebration. It's a nice round number.

*Today is also the anniversary of a tragic bus wreck that changed me and many people I love. I've tried many times to write about it and the words just don't come...even after 12 years.

*Today is also my first day back at home full time. I spent a few minutes yesterday afternoon getting all of my calendars synced and updated. I'm glad I'm back home now...May is going to be Cuh-razy.

*Saturday morning I finally got to watch the royal wedding. I absolutely did not want to wake up early to watch it live. I wish I'd had a 3 month long honeymoon. Between the wedding and the NFL draft, our poor DVR needs a 3 month long vacation. All I have to say is the boys cannot complain about all the endless William and Kate coverage. The draft matched the royals hour for hour with TV time.

*Is it me, or did Usama change the way he spells his name? I seem to remember it being Osama.

*Last week I administered the TAKS test to some of my 4th graders. That's fancy talk for stand and walk quietly around the room and actively monitor ALL THE LIVE LONG 2 DAYS. I bought some new shoes just for the occasion...part of the great birthday celebration of 2011...Reebok Real Flex. They are awesome! I love them, and I would welcome any form of communication from Reebok, but so far I've heard nothing from them, this is just my opinion, because I LOVE THESE SHOES.

*I took Bubba to get a tooth pulled this morning. He's hanging with me this morning until the numbness wears off...he may even need to spend the whole day here at home. He was cute when he was on the nitrous. He giggled a lot. I'll probably let him take me to lunch for my birthday.

*I've heard rumors that we got rain yesterday morning, but I didn't see any. We still need rain. I get a free car wash because it's my birthday. I think I'll drop by and have it washed. That always works right?

*I have downloaded an app called "Diabetes Personal Manager". Is anyone out there using it? What do you think about it? I'm hoping it will be helpful, but I probably won't have time to spend with it for a couple more days.

*We're making some technology history at our house. I'm using an iPhone, Honey is using a phone with a full keyboard, Bubba got his first phone, and my Dad is texting. With all the messaging capability floating around our house, we got the unlimited texting. It was probably the smartest thing we've ever done, because if my DAD is texting, there are just no more limits.

*What's going on with you?


Jenni said...

happy birthday!!

jenifer said...

happy birthday!! hope your week is grand! and, welcome home!

Misty said...

Six weeks sounds like a wonderful goal!
Happy Birthday!!!! Thinking of you today... hoping it's far more Sweet than bitter!

valerie in TX said...

Happy Birthday! Being back at home is a great way to celebrate. :)

The Binkley Family said...

Happy Birthday!!!!

Um, yes, I am glad you mentioned the whole "Usama" thing because it was making me crazy.

Bob Stein said...

Spooky to find someone who shares my birthday. Hope you're not a perfectionist too...