Thursday, September 29, 2011

Bits and pieces

...because sometimes a list is just the only way.

1. It's fall here, y'all. I can tell because it hasn't been nearly as hot lately. We haven't been over 100 degrees in a couple of weeks. We even spent a few days in the 70s and 80s. Those days were glorious. RAINED...on and off for ONE WHOLE DAY! Rumor has it we got like 1/2 to 3/4 of an inch!

2. Our family participated in our first ever Step Out Walk to Stop Diabetes. It was a beautiful morning and lots of family and friends came out and walked 3 miles to support Brooke. Our team was named Sugar & Spice, and we raised $875!

This is a terrible picture, but Sugar & Spice had over 50 walkers, runners, stroller riders, or playground players that day. It was a fun morning.
3. That evening after the walk, we celebrated the girls' 8th birthday. I can't even put into words how mind blowing it is that my babies are 8. I still vividly remember the days when I wondered if we would make it to their second birthday.
They are such sweet, fun girls. They wanted a hippie party, so we got our flower power groove on and had a rockin' fun time.
Thanks to church camp and the weeks we spend there every summer, the girls can't imagine a party without costumes so...

4. The morning of the diabetes walk, I got to visit with a couple of insulin pump reps. I came home wearing a sample Omni Pod. I just wanted to try it and see how it felt to wear it 24/7. Seeing that really got Brooke interested in pumps. She is SO ready to leave the injections behind and experience the freedom that is pumping. Over the last few months, I've done TONS of research online and this week I've been hitting the highlights for Honey and Brooke showing them videos and blogs and websites. We've also had the pump reps come to the house. We're also considering the Animas Ping, and the Medtronic Revel. We are in the midst of a big decision, but the good news is that it shouldn't be long until Brooke is living in pump bliss! We are all ready for this next leg of the Diabetes journey. BRING IT!!
4a. As a side note, if you want to find a parent's point of view about each of the above mentioned pumps all in one place, I found this great blog post at Meri's that talks about the Medtronic but links to two other moms that use each of the other pumps. Loved the idea of the Pump Parade, Meri! Thanks!
5. I'm exercising...and Weight Watchering...and cooking. It takes so much time, but it's got to be done. Sigh.
6. Our church has always had some sort of small group ministry and it seems like each year it evolves into something different. This year it's taken on a huge overhaul with a new purpose. We have joined a group that we love. It's been a bright spot in our week. Yay!
7. I've found myself really getting in tune with what it means to mother each of my children. I feel like the last 7 months have been full of diabetes, diabetes, diabetes. Which sometimes, for the other two, translates into Brooke, Brooke, Brooke.
I'm searching, asking, listening, and being intentional about the time I spend with each of the kids and the time that we spend all together. I need more of a solution than just taking each kid on a mom & me date.
We have lived through the season of teaching obedience and manners and basic care and feeding. Even though we do sometimes visit those issues, our children are past that. They need nurturing and parenting. Does that make sense?
**Here's the group participation part, I'll even give you choices. Please choose 1 of the following and answer in the comments.**
1. Which pump did your family choose and why?
2. What things (besides mommy & me dates) help you parent your children as individuals? I think sometimes I just see them as a mob that needs to be controlled.
3. Do we have to dress up for Halloween this year?


jenifer said...

1. um, i don't speak that language. sorry.

2. the ETERNAL quest. today, my two cents is, EQUAL does not mean SAME. I try to love each kid differently. I put a treat or note on just one child's pillow. I eat lunch with another child. I let one child stay up later and watch a movie with me. I bring just one child with me to run errands. My kids have gotten used to this and I think the unequality show them that I love them each the most.
3. Yes. Because someday they will be too old and you will miss it. And, because you will smile at the pictures.

you're a great mom and an example to me!! (and, brooke looks so much healthier to me!)

Misty said...

My son Isaac was diagnosed in Dec. 2010. In June he started on the Omnipod insulin pump.. We choose it because that is what he wanted. He is very active/athletic/plays sports/goes hunting, and did not want a pump with tubing..It's automatic insertion is great also.. He is very happy with the Omnipod over shots! The pump offers more freedom..The customer support from Omnipod has been awesome. I am sure you will be happy with which ever pump you all choose! Best of luck pumping :)

Ashley said...

I'm only 3 years into this parenting thing, but I can tell a big difference in Kate's mood/attitude when I actually put down the computer/phone/tv and listen to her and ask about her day or play with her. When I give her my undivided attention everything runs so much smoother.
I'm not sure how you convert that into something for the older kids. I'm thinking they wouldn't really appreciate you coloring with them.

I'm thinking since the girls dressed up for their birthday, you have no choice for Halloween. Good luck!

Misty said...

Asking myself the same halloween questions...

One on one time... I make it a point to carve out alone time with each kid, every day. With Lucas being in Germany this is sadly just an email. Still though, i believe they need to know how much I care about their days.

Chrissy Cross said...

My dAd has the omnipod and loves it. He has had many pumps and this is his fav, go for it!!

valerie in TX said...

I don't know if it counts as "parenting as individuals", but the thing I'm trying really hard to focus on lately is saying "yes" to their requests of my time. Light saber fights? Um, not my cup of tea, but yes. Listen to me practice the flute? Well, I really need to be doing the dishes, but yes - I'll stop what I'm doing and pay attention. Come outside and watch my skateboard tricks? Ok, yes. Seems silly, but this is SO HARD for me. I don't know if they even notice, but I'm trying. :)

And by the way, why is it that I'm still not past the "obedience and manners" stage?!

Amy said...

Ellie chose the Omnipod because when she saw the tubes from the other pumps she kind of freaked out. Like, physically backing away from the tubes like they were snakes or something! And it has officially been declared, after just 6 weeks of pumping, that living with type 1 diabetes is soooooo much better now. Aaahhhhhhh. That's what I like to hear.

I single out the kids every chance I get, and often that is asking them to do a household chore or run an errand with me. We always end up chatting or laughing and that makes the mundane work so much easier.

And, no, you do novt have to dress up for Halloween!

themac5 said...

My mom has the medtronic revel. She loves it-except that she can't hear it go off sometimes (but that is an adult thing). She hasn't ever been eligible for a pump, so it is new to her and she loves it!
2. Avry especially tells me when she needs mommy time. sometimes I feel like i neglect all 3 of my kids- but we really do try to involve them in special things they each like. Such as cooking, sports, bikes etc.

Su said...

I don't speak any of these languages, so I'll skip straight to my own question... Are the girls really that far apart in height, or do they have on different size heels?