Friday, January 27, 2012

Stuff I don't want to forget.

1. Last night Brooke told us that at the end of EVERY SINGLE RECESS her teacher "wiggles her lip gloss and puts some on her lips". EVERY SINGLE DAY.

2. We pretty openly joke about how Brooke's pancreas is "lazy" or "dumb" at our house. (Occasionally I even allow the 's' word,'stupid', to be used. I'm cool like that.) It adds fun and blows off steam in an otherwise crummy situation.

A couple of days ago when Mary Tutu was home sick we went to Barnes and Noble for coffee/hot chocolate and sick day reading. Mary Tutu got a new coloring book and I picked up a copy of Think Like a Pancreas.

After school, Mary Tutu was telling the others about her sick day (trying to make them jealous, I suspect) and she told Brooke that Mommy got a new book called Think Like a Pancreas.

Brooke snorted and said, "All that's gonna do is make her dumber."

3. Second grade seems to be the magic year for us when it comes to filling our kids in on the birds and the bees. This summer, right before 2nd grade started, we tackled that issue with the girls. They were ready and handled it great, but it was different with them than it was with Bubba.

Bubba NEVER talks about it. The girls? ALWAYS have questions.

This morning on the way to school, Brooke wanted to talk about honeymoons. Mary Tutu was very indignant and insisted that there are SOME things we should keep PRIVATE. Brooke was quick to specify that she just wanted to talk about where she wanted to go on her honeymoon...Great Wolf Lodge.

Mary Tutu couldn't decide between Paris or Disney World.


Shelly@Sweet Journey said...

Birds and the are not kidding! My oldest still thinks "i know they have to get close and that is all i want to know right now." Second grader on the otbher hand is like "does big brother know? I want to know!" Oh my goodness! Here we go!

Su said...

Let me know if they come up with any other good ideas... I'm still waiting for my honeymoon! :)

Mommy Cracked said...

What a cute post! Your girls are something else! LOL! I know they keep you in stitches!

Misty said...

Creat Wolf lodge. CUTE! LOVE it...

And so, are you feeling more educated, or just dumber?