Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Work with what you got

I save Brooke's meter strip canisters.  They are sturdy plastic and about the size of the old camera film canisters.  The elementary teacher in me just can't throw them away.  Somebody out there needs these canisters.  I just don't know who it is...yet.

I stick the empty ones in a basket in our pantry and every once in a while I empty the basket into a Walmart bag.  Honey found the bag the other day and asked why I was saving them.  I told him that I'm always talking to people that say things like, "Those old film canisters were perfect for that activity.  Too bad they don't make them anymore."  He argued that he's never once heard anyone say that in conversation.

We had a great long discussion in which he tried to convince me to throw them out, and I refused.  (What about camp?  There might be something we could do with them at camp.) If he can keep is bulky, antiquated phone book, I can keep my stash of meter strip canisters.  (There you go: the secret to our happy marriage.)

We've had the suburban for almost a year.  It wasn't a huge driving adjustment for me because I learned to drive in my mom's suburban.  Now, I only run over curbs occasionally and I have pretty much figured out how to park in the tiny, non-angled spaces at Target.

The only thing I haven't mastered is how far into the garage I have to pull in to clear the overhead door.  I had been asking Honey to hang something from the ceiling that would touch the windshield when I'd pulled in far enough, and Monday was the day.  He disappeared into the garage and I heard some drilling and smelled the ends of some rope burning, and then he came in and announced that the job was done. 

I was busy at that moment and didn't go out immediately to see his handiwork, so it was a couple of hours before I was able to appreciate my husband's sense of humor.

Need a closer look?

It makes me grin every time :)

Anyone else need a garage stopper?


Amy said...

HahahahahahahahHa! Oh my, that is so great!

Diapeepees said...

What a cute post. I can relate on at least two levels. One, I know how handy those little canisters seem, and how hard it is to just put them in the trash (though I usually do). And two, I know what it is to park a Suburban in the garage and not know if you cleared the door. I crashed my door into the Sub. a few weeks ago. And, even now, I know the tail is hanging out into the driveway.

kimberly t. bowling said...

This is classic! After running into our garage wall a few years ago, and thus leaving the imprint of my front tag nicely displayed in the front wall, I think your husband could have a clearly defined market for these little jewels! :)

Misty said...

Bahahaaa! That's AWESOME!! I have had the same argument with my honey about saving things because I just know that there is a good use for them!

Shelly@Sweet Journey said...

That is hilarious! Ya'll are so cute! When I get a garage, I know who to call for a car-stop-thingy to hang up. :)

Mama J said...

Shelly said I would LOVE your post today.... AND I DOO!!!!!! I can so identify with not throwing something that can be good for something... SURELY this is SOMETHING that SOMEONE NEEDS this for!!!! I am soooo there.... yes, just ask my daughter :-)

Love you!

Mandy-Mommy Cracked said...

That is hysterical!! LOL!! Love his sense of humor!

Lisa Renee said...

That is hillarious. SO great to run into your sweet family the other night!