Friday, June 29, 2012

Insta Friday

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It's Insta Friday and this is my first time to participate!  I'm linking up with Jeannett and her friends.

(Yes, it's more pictures of our vacation, but with MORE COMMENTARY!, and LINKS!)

(Feel free to navigate away now.)

This week we were on vacation.  Honey earned a reward trip with his job and we decided to take the kids with us this year.  We got to spend a few days in West Palm Beach. 

I thought the days of talking Bubba into sharing a plate with me were over, but I was wrong.  Now we're in the "he eats his plate and helps me with mine too" stage.

Once we made it to West Palm Beach, we were introduced to Tropical Storm Debby.  She didn't cause too much severe weather where we were, but it did rain 2 out of the 3 days we were there.  The one day it didn't rain we toured the area in the Diva Duck...

...the girls got into the ocean for the first time...

...and the kids fed the fish at the Old Key Lime House.  Did you know that catfish like to eat cat food?  I didn't either, but that's what we threw in the water and they LOVED it.

The day we planned to spend at the beach the red flag was out, so we spent about two hours at the pool and then it rained.  And rained.  And rained.  I wished that Tropical Storm Debby had gone through Texas because we NEED that rain!

The rain didn't stop the awards banquet.  Here's Honey and his manager.

The rain did stop the morning we left.  (of course it did) We were able to get out of Florida with only a few bumps and a limited amount of drugs.  I also used the map on the back of the airplane napkin to explain to the kids 2 or 40 times where we were going and what cities we had to stop in to get there.

We flew back to Dallas (where it was NOT raining) and got to tour Cowboys Stadium, affectionately known around these parts as Jerry World.  The place is enormous! The Statue of Liberty, including the base, could stand inside if the ginormous TV was not there.  Crazy, huh?

Then we started hydrating (Have you had the passion fruit tea?  It's yummy!) because it was 108° and we were headed to...

...the Rangers game.  When the game started at 7:00pm it was 104° and at 10:30pm when the game was over it was 94°.  Glad we hydrated.

It was Nolan Ryan's 45th wedding anniversary.  They put him and his wife on the Kiss Cam.  It was really cute!

And, BONUS!, the Rangers won!

Then we drove home.

And I was so glad that I made the fam put a little bit of extra effort in before we left to make the beds and straighten the house.

Because it was so much nicer to come home to a picked up house instead of a house that looked like the aftermath of Tropical Storm Debby.

The day after Vacay makes me feel like we're still in Florida.  The other...not so much.

I assume because of the HUMIDITY in Florida, everywhere we went there were jars of ice water with sliced fruit.  It was refreshing and yummy!  The girls and I fell in love.  So I decided to try it here, at home, to help sustain that vacay buzz.

Yesterday was watermelon and strawberry.  Today is watermelon and lime.

Happy Friday!

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Angela King said...

welcome to insta-friday! love your vaca pics. sorry about the rain but of course it stopped the day you left. isn't that how it always works? love the idea of water with fruit. :)

Mandy- Read. Write. Mom! said...

Looks like y'all had a fabulous time!! We are also headed to see the Rangers play in a few days. I hope I can stand the heat!! Great pictures!

kimberly t. bowling said...

With my 13yo son it's often a struggle to get him to eat.....but my 15yo....he eats his plate, my plate and we usually still have to order extra food for him!! It looks like your vacation was fun---Cowboy Stadium...WOW!