Friday, December 07, 2012

Just for fun...

Because I need a little light-hearted and fun at the end of this long week.

What do you want for Christmas?  A couple of my favorite bloggers have posted their real and not so real Christmas wishes this week.  It sounded like such a fun idea, I thought I would, too.

Here's my totally shallow, mostly dreamy, a touch of reality Christmas wish list.  (in no particular order...)

1.  This purse from Coach

2.  And this wallet

Because it matches Coach (that's what I would call it if I got it), but sometimes you just need your phone, ID, and a bit of if you are going to the gym, or to pick the kids up at the movies, or to Sonic.

3.  A personal chef...because I should SO be cooking supper right now.

4.  A vacation to this place.  Plan it for about mid-January, about the time all the crowds die down.

7.  Speaking of vacations.  I would also like to take a trip with Honey.

6.  I need a copy of Downton Season 2 on DVD.  And while we're at it, just go ahead and send Season 3, so I can invite my friend Valerie over and we can WATCH IT ALREADY!

7. I'm also a fan of gift cards.  Call it impersonal if you want.  I call it really fun.  Shopping with money that you didn't budget?  Fun!  I'm partial to Eddie Bauer, DSW Shoes, and Victoria's Secret.  And Sonic. And Starbucks.  And NOOK!  It's the time of year when I like to curl up with a good book or two, or six.

So.  Spill it.  What's on your real and/or dreamy Christmas wish list?


valerie in TX said...

Hahahaha - you are crackin' me up with this. ;) I've heard there's a way to watch season 3 online, but of course the HOW part was conveniently omitted from that little tidbit, and I'm not tech-savvy enough to figure it out.

My real Christmas list has nothing on it this year. For real. And my pretend list is too long to list! Ha! But it includes lots of travel (would love to take the family to Disney - I'm the only one who's ever been; dying to go to Nantucket; and of course, a return to Uganda. For the whole fam.), lots of work on our house, and a (not) new car already!!! Oh, and I want a personal chef too. And a maid. And a personal shopper. And a masseuse.

Misty said...

You saw mine, but I too NEED Season 3 of DA to HURRY UP ALL READY!!!! Good, grief. I am moving to the UK, I swear...

Also, gift cards rock.

FUNNY story re: my list. My middle beauty, Amanda, just moved to the midwest about 5 weeks ago. She asked us for a few modest things we'd like for Christmas before she left. So, she was Christmas shopping on Friday and called my husband in a PANIC because, (LOL!) I posted a wishlist on my blog that wasn't the same as what she had. "Should I go by the new one?" She cried, "or the old one?"
She was so overwhelmed/upset by the tragic turn of events. When he told me this, I LAUGHED so hard. I told him, with a tear in my eye, to tell her that she should go by the new one, and to skip everything and just get me that Tuscan Villa :)

Jenni at talking hairdryer said...

Misty...when you get your villa, I'll add a trip to visit you to my list ;)