Monday, June 17, 2013

This Weekend

To say that I am SO ready to be settled is a huge understatement about how I am feeling right now.  HUGE.

But...I am SO ready to be settled.

We finally got out of the house Friday afternoon.  We were about 16 hours later than we wanted to be, but DETAILS, right?

We worked until 11:30 Thursday night when we just couldn't make one more decision or pack one more box.  We had to meet the cleaning lady Friday morning, and when the alarm went off at 7:00, I declared that THIS MOVE HAS DEFEATED US.  We are not going to make it.  We should just cut our losses and run for the hills.

Honey quickly gathered the Advil, Starbucks, and yogurt, and we headed to the house.  I got my second wind about the time the cleaning lady saw our mounting pile of Goodwill donations and offered to take them off our hands.  For her sister who lost everything in our recent wind storms.

Whatever.  You had me at "I'll take care of it."

Uncle Bubba was a ROCK STAR.  He got the kids to clean out every last thing from their side of the house.  He loaded, unloaded, and rearranged the trailer.  He made trips to the dumpster.  In other words, he saved our tookuses.

He was there til the bitter end.  It was his job to toss the remains of our fridge and freezer.  That's dedication, y'all.

And then we said "It is finished", and we set the security alarm one last time and drove away.

We have a few more days here in our West Texas town before we actually leave.  We are house sitting for some friends that are in and out this summer.  I'm so thankful for a place to land for a few days.  Some space, some wi-fi, some bowls and coffee cups that aren't Styrofoam.

We celebrated some birthdays and Father's Days, and played some baseball.  And Sunday afternoon we all chilled at our borrowed house and napped.  Until about 3:30 when we got a phone call from the alarm company.  The house buyers realtor went in the front door.

Well.  That wasn't the plan.

The plan was that the buyers would call us when they were ready to get in to the house and we would meet them there and let them in, give them garage and alarm codes, etc.

Honey went over and met the realtor and took care of the alarm company.  Because it takes me a minute to be ready to receive people when I've been woken from my nap.

We had some sweet fellowship with some sweet friends last night.  I guess it's only natural to "make the rounds" to see those special people that make this place home.  Our last few weeks have been overflowing with time like that.  It's been such a fun blessing.

And now it's Monday.  We're moving SLOW today.  I'm telling myself it's OK, we've had a lot going on the last couple of weeks.

What about you? How was your weekend?  Did you have a happy Father's Day?  Did you get a Sunday afternoon nap?

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Su Wilcox said...

I am so not a napper, because on the odd occasion that I try it, I wake up about 3006% more cranky than when I started, and my sweet husband has kindly requested that I try a little harder to respect his sanity. So, no napping at Chez Wilcox.

Our last move left me so traumatized that I now understand the amazing glory of non-styrofoam bowls and coffee cups. Yay for borrowed houses!