Monday, November 18, 2013

The good, the bad, and the ugly

I am so over change and getting settled and new and different.

Over. it.

I want the good ole days back.
...when I could go online and with a few clicks of the mouse order more than enough diabetes supplies for Brooke
...when all the people already had our current contact information
...when I called the doctor's office and they knew who I was by my voice
...when the people at Walmart were friendly and helpful instead of snotty

You know that day when you had such an awful experience at Walmart that you swear you will never go back?  And this time you really mean it?  Today was that day for me.  You would have thought it would have been about a month ago when I went in and it smelled so badly of pot that I left with a headache.  But it wasn't then.  I gave it another chance.  After today?  I'm done.

And also, how do you just simmer on a gas cook top?  I just want the chili to simmer for a couple of that possible?

And what is the magic formula for sending a fax to a doctor and them actually getting to hold it in their hands and look at the lab results?

After the most frustrating morning I've had since I moved here, I felt a little distant from Colorado and that I needed to make friends with it again.  I decided to go to Starbucks and spend a little time downtown walking and browsing through some of my favorite shops.  It was very relaxing and refreshing until I remembered that I hadn't put money in the parking meter.

I guess the shopping worked because I didn't get a ticket.

Thankfulness Day 18:  I didn't get a parking ticket even though I totally deserved it.

After I picked the girls up from school and made it home I tackled the least frustrating chore of my day: calling the Apple helpline.  Yes, that was the least frustrating thing I did all day.

Thankfulness Day 18.2:  After only being on hold with Apple for 45 seconds, I spoke with an American that was very patient and helpful.

The Apple started working better by the time I was off the phone with him, but it's already acting up again.  Blah.

I got to play Bunco last night!  Here in CO they are Bunco grabbers instead of Bunco celebrators.  So there was some adjustment.  BUT, I won a prize, for most Buncos.  I didn't actually get the points for any of them because I'm not a good grabber, but I rolled the most out of everyone!

How was your day?


valerie in TX said...

Blah. I'm so sorry. You know I hate change more than just about anyone on the planet - and I've done a ton of it in my day - so I can totally relate. Thankful for Bunco friends and helpful American Apple employees. ;) Praying you will feel at home in CO soon. Love to you.

Su Wilcox said...

You can totally simmer on a gas cook top, and I'm very jealous that you have gas when I'm stuck with electric. Turn it down pretty low and check on it more frequently the first couple of times than you would have before-- I know, it defeats the purpose of simmering for a couple of hours, but the checking is so you get used to what the flame needs to look like to get the results you want. You can do this.

Our Bunko group in West Texas were grabbers, too, but we weren't the infamous broken finger group.

Anonymous said...

It stinks, doesn't it? Relearning everything... I'm still caught off guard by so many things. I still say "back home..." sometimes it's a frustration, sometimes it's an exclamation at how much better something is...

I'm over change too... Some days I just want to crumble and cry. I'm homesick and tired. Other days, I'm pretty ok and happy/relieved we're here...

All days I stay away from Walmart. Maybe it's a good change for you too! :)

I hope your week is improving!

Jenni at talking hairdryer said...

Yes, someone at Bunco asked me how I was liking it here. I said life here is good, but I'm ready to "go home" for a visit. It's just not quite home yet:) We are headed out Sat morning though for a week "back home" and can't wait to hug some necks:)

Cindy said...

I'm sorry, that stinks that you're feeling homesick. I'm happy that you get to make a West Texas visit and rejuvenate.

I have to tell you though, I've felt a little homesick lately too and didn't want to blog it, but you just reminded me through your post...this is part of the journey too. Part of becoming part of a new locale and learning the ropes in your new "home" is experiencing these growing pains. To ignore these hurdles is to ignore part of the adventure! So we should relish it and reflect on it. Maybe, just maybe, when we get to a new normal, it will make us that much more thankful when we remember what we went through to get there. So thank you for this post and reminding me of this important part of the journey too.

I am curious though - why can't you order Brooke's diabetes supplies online from there? That's really a pain! There has to be another way for that.

~Your friend's friend

Amy Schaffner said...

Maybe there is something about 7 months? Because I am SOOOO right there with you. This week I have had an "I don't care" attitude and just want my trees back.

Is going home coming to Lubbock? I would love to meet you in real life!