Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Are you out there?

I am pretty new to this whole computer thing. We just got a new computer in August and decided to spring for the more expensive internet service (the next step up from dial-up). Since the connection is so much faster and since the computer can actually handle it (the laptop my parents gave me for college graduation was fabulous, but that was, gasp, almost 9 years ago!), I am learning how to harness the power of the internet and use it for my benefit.

Hence, the blog.

Blogging is cheaper than therapy. This account is actually free. And, it is probably as effective as therapy for a stay-at-home mom of 3 who can get a little crazy at times but really just needs her adult conversation fix every now and then.

Lately, I have been seeking other bloggers that are at similar life stages as myself. I've tried looking for youth minister's wives. There are a few, but most of them are younger than me and don't have children of their own. I have tried looking for moms of multiples. I haven't had any luck in this area. (Maybe moms of multiples don't have time to blog. . .)

I have been successful in finding some other Christian bloggers. Most of the ones that I read, I have actually met in real life, so I know that what they write is authentic, and I am usually inspired. I have also been successful in finding other SAH moms who have kinergarten children. I guess any time you hit a milestone like that it makes you more reflective.

But, I haven't been able to find exactly the blogger I am looking for. I know you are out there. I know, somewhere, there are other 30-something wives and mothers who devote much of their spare time to chasing their favorite youth minister around the country (and sometimes into Mexico). Who struggle with the balance of raising small children while being emersed in teen culture, only to realize that you aren't as cool as you were when you first began youth ministry. Whose 6 year olds say things like "the parentals" and "Yo! Yo! Yo! What's up my peeps!" and whose 2 year olds can correctly give the "biscuit and gravy" handshake. Who don't have glass ornaments on your Christmas tree, not because of your 2 year old twins, but because you are secretly afraid that the 15 year old best friends who invade your home every Monday night might actually knock the tree all the way over this year.

I know you exist. Where are you?

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