Wednesday, March 15, 2006

The moment we have all been waiting for!

Well, he's here. Yes, new-youth-minister started this morning! And not a moment too soon!

We spent Monday night in the hospital with Brooke. She had a stomach bug over the weekend and got really dehydrated. Our favorite doctor admitted her Monday afternoon so she could get some much needed fluids with an IV. We brought her home yesterday afternoon, and this morning you wouldn't believe less than 24 hours ago she was in a hospital bed with an IV attached. She was so excited to see Mary TuTu and Bubba, and they have all been having fun together.

I deleted the ticker counting down the days until the Calvary arrived and decided to add one for another much anticipated day-- the arrival of Spring! Hopefully this will be the end of "sick season" and we can enjoy the warmer weather and outside activities.

Hope you are all well, too!

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