Sunday, March 12, 2006

Will we ever get it right?

This week, these thoughts were brought to my attention:

The argument could be made that every generation of Christians misses something. Maybe it's culture, maybe it is well, whatever. . .but, theoretically each generation tends to focus on one aspect of being a Christian and misses another equally important part.

Some argue that past generations have missed the power of the Holy Spirit in our every day lives, or "grace not works", or follow Jesus, not law.

What will my generation miss? What will my grandchildren be referring to when they say, "Wow, Cool G never talked about this!" (I haven't figured out what I want to be called when I am a grandma.)

I pray that it is not absolute truth. I pray that in the midst of my desire to "live in the dust of Jesus' feet" that I don't forget that He did lay down some guidelines that apply to me no matter what culture I reside in. And, that those guidelines are meant to protect me from harm and suffering. . .to free me from the pain that Satan offers. Thank you Jesus for the life that you lived!

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