Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Blonde Story #3

Well, you know we have an additional youth minister now. I think we'll call him The Calvary. Anyways, a group of Jrs decide a week or so ago to "initiate" The Calvary. Our favorite blonde is in charge of this little prank. As they are driving to his house, she gets confused about which house is his. Is it 6703 or 6803? She makes a call home and gets the right address from her mom.

After finding the house, they procede to fork the yard of the house they believe to be the Calvary's. In addition to forking the yard, they sidewalk chalk the driveway and walkway with references to our church and our youth group slogan which happens to be UGLY. This not being enough, they decide to bang on the door and ring the doorbell and then drive away.

They circle around and drive by one last time noticing that the front blinds are open. They recognize a mirror on the wall and are further satisfied that they got the right house.

The next night, we are having Bible study at our house. As our favorite blonde arrives, she is beaming with pride at the prank they pulled the night before. The Calvary begins telling a story about something weird he saw on his walk this morning. It seems that one of his neighbors, about a block down has been forked. Not only that, but it appears that it was by someone from the youth group as he recognized some of the slogans. Blonde is mortified and then unbelieving. He must be kidding. But we saw the mirror hanging on the wall. The Calvary's wife says we don't have a mirror hanging on our wall.

Then Blonde's phone rings. It is one of her buddies that was with her that night. Apparently she has forgotten that Bible study is at our house. She returned to the house that they forked. Only, today, she is not so sure that she is at the right house. There is an Asian man in the front yard watering. "How can there be an Asian man watering the Calvary's grass?" she wonders. Blonde shrieks, "We got the wrong house!"

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Laci said...

hahaha. that is a classic that should go down in UGLY history!