Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Which Movie Mom Are You?

I found a survey this morning that told me which movie mom I am most like. In honor of Mother's Day being just a few days away, I decided to take the quiz to learn more about myself.

These were my results:

Your Movie Mom Personality: Dr. Tess Coleman, Freaky Friday

This didn't mean much to me since I haven't see "Freaky Friday" in a long time. So. . .I found another survey telling me which TV mom I am most like.

This one is the big surprise:

Your Results: June Cleaver, Leave It to Beaver

You're a mom with a capital "M" -- and you dig it! Meeting your kids' needs is your number-one priority. You prefer the tried-and-true, old-fashioned parenting style that worked with you: Shower 'em with love! Trends don't concern you -- your mommy uniform is whatever's comfy. Sure, you try to keep up with what the crazy kids are doing these days -- but when a teenager says "Eminem" you think "Peanut or plain?" The Bottom Line: Your parenting style is based on nurturing, family togetherness, apple pie -- and lots of hugs.

You know me, I'm just your normal, everyday Betty Crocker, June Cleaver, Martha Stewart!

Happy Mother's Day!


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