Tuesday, May 16, 2006


Right now the girls are loving the movie Mary Poppins! To say that it is one of my all time favorite movies would be an understatement of how much I loved it as a child.

It must be in the genes, because just the other day I caught Brooke singing "Just a spoon full of sugar. . .just a spoon full of sugar. . .just a spoon full of sugar. . ."

As I have been watching it again with the girls, I am realizing how much of the movie I didn't "get" as a child. Even now, I can only half understand their thick British accents. But it wasn't the talking that I cared about. All I wanted to hear were the songs. (Bet you wish you'd known that years ago, huh Mom? The soundtrack on cassett and some earphones would have made you a little more sane!)

If tastes in movies were genetic, which movies would your children love (or hate!)?

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Laci said...

mine would love The Lion King!