Friday, August 18, 2006

Meet the Teacher Night

We got to meet Bubba's first grade teacher last night. She seems very nice and professional, and I think he will love school this year! We also got to see friends from last year that we hadn't seen all summer! It made us all a little more excited for the school year to begin.

One of the biggest reasons for back to school night is an opportunity to pick up the latest copy of the school district's code of conduct. I was glancing through it this morning, and here are some of the section headings:

  • "Aggravated assult"
  • "Aggravated kidnapping"
  • "Crimminally Negligent Homicide"
  • "Hit List"
  • "Murder"
  • "Capital Murder"
  • "Possession"
  • "Terroristic Threat"

Of course these were all burried at the end of the long, detailed booklet, so I'm sure we won't have to worry about these until 4th or 5th grade!

Happy back to school!

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Laci said...

well that's depressing..