Wednesday, August 23, 2006

School Days

So . . . Bubba started 1st grade yesterday! And . . . he liked it! I can't remember if I wrote about this last year, but we had a rough start to Kinder. Bubba cried for 2 weeks! He lost his appetite and had anxiety attacks every night for 2 weeks. He cried, hard, every morning when we would drop him off. He begged every night at bed time not to make him go back. He had a wonderful, patient, kind teacher that encouraged and reassured him (and us) through the whole ordeal, but, wow, were those few weeks rough!

So you can understand our excitement when, aside from a few normal first day jitters, he told us that he was excited for school to start and that he had a great first day! His two best friends at school are a set of twins, M and E. (Poor Bubba, he can't seem to get away from two-somes!) M is in his class again this year, thanks to, I suspect, that wonderful, patient, kind Kinder teacher. They get along great, and it helped reassure Bubba yesterday to see that familar face!

His teacher this year seems kind, goal-oriented, and structured. I think Bubba will thrive in that environment. He loves to know the rules and follow them. He is energized by schedules and has no trouble memorizing them. In fact the most important, comforting thing to him on Meet the Teacher Night was not finding the fastest way to the cafeteria or playground. It was locating and reading, over and over, the class schedule.


Lisa Renee said...

So glad things went well! I sure missed you at our first day back today :(

Laci said...

sounds like a child after my own heart.. i'm pretty glad that it's required that professors give our syllibi or else i would go crazy.. i make to-do lists and schedules weekly!!