Sunday, August 06, 2006

Seeing Pink!

Well, the vaccuum isn't the only thing at our house that is pink. When Mary Tu Tu woke up this morning, both of her eyes were, too! They are mostly bloodshot, and aren't really oozing anything, but I just didn't want to take any chances. So she and I stayed home from church this morning.

The web-site I looked at said that kids often get pink eyes that don't ooze when they have allergies. If this is the case Benedryl should help it clear up in a couple of days. If it isn't allergies . . . then I guess it will get worse, and I will know to call the doctor. Until then, Mary Tu Tu (and me, too!) is enjoying that drug- enduced daze that Benedryl gives you. I have to sat that after a couple of doses, her eyes don't seem to be as pink.

I'll leave you with another pink related story:

This is the conversation had yesterday with the vaccuum sales girl.

ME: How often do you suggest we change the bag in the vaccuum?

SALES GIRL: Oh, it depends on how often you vaccuum. . .

BUBBA: That won't be a problem, we really don't vaccuum all that much!

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