Saturday, August 05, 2006

Thank You Wal-Mart!

A couple of years ago, actually, about 5 years ago, we bought a vaccuum cleaner from Wal-Mart. Since then every time I needed replacement bags, belts, filters, etc. I could find them there.

Recently, our Wal-Mart was remodled, and along with that, the things they keep in stock there changed, too. They stopped carrying anything to do with our vaccuum. I am embarassed to tell you how long it has been since I changed the bag. I can't find them anywhere! I have looked at other Wal-Mart stores, Target, and anywhere else I can think to look. No luck. I am desparate for a new vaccuum bag!

Today, I break out my owner's manual. (Yes, I still have it! No, it didn't take me all day to find it!) As a last resort, I am thinking that I will fill out the order form that they always put in the back of the instruction manual. I know it will take 4 to 6 weeks for delivery, but that's nothing compared to how long I am already overdue for a bag change.

I locate the order form and realize rather quickly that this order form will not allow me to order bags. I can buy every other part imaginable, but not the bags. So, I call the Customer Help Number. The lady who answered was very nice and helpful. She explained to me why my search for bags had been in vain. Even though GE made our vaccuum, Wal-Mart is the only one with permission to sell it. They quit selling it a couple of years ago, so GE quit making them. If you want to continue using your vaccuum, you must call the Wal-Mart hotline, order the items you need.

I don't like the sound of this arrangement since I don't usually plan 4 to 6 weeks ahead to be out of vaccuum bags. I tell Honey about my predicament. He says, "What will a new vaccuum cost?" Well, that is all I needed to get me shopping on-line. "Where was my first stop?" you ask. ORECK. I know we can't afford a Kirby, but I know some people that have ORECKS and love them.

I immediately notice that they cost a little more than I was expecting, but hey, that means that they are really good and will make carpet cleaning a joy! So I find one that I like and make the pitch to Honey.

He says, "It's pink! I don't think that I'll use it if we get a pink one." I'm thinking, wow, he only complained about the color and not the price! Maybe there is hope after all. So, I say, "It's for a good cause! Let's go to the Oreck dealer near us and check it out."

About an hour and a half later (they were training a new sales girl) we were driving home with a pink vaccuum cleaner in the back of our mini-van. Brooke and Mary TuTu love it, Bubba thinks it is OK since it has some gray on it. And Honey still hasn't used it, but I think that he'll come around. I'm sure our floors will be much, much cleaner. Thanks Wal-Mart!


Lisa Renee said...

I have an oreck but had to have the brush cut when we moved here because now we have shag carpet. Now I can't get it to pick up anything but there is nothing more they can do. It was as wedding present from my parents and pretty pricey. The nice thing about it is that its light and EASY to change the bags. I hope yours works well for you and I love that its pink!

Laci said...

thats such a great story! haha eric and i were laughing! What's with this flood business in Mexico? Did I miss something??