Thursday, November 30, 2006

We're Snowed In!

. . .kinda'. Our friends in Montana would call it watering the grass, but here it's a big deal! It snowed last night. . .a lot. So much that they had to delay school 2 hours this morning! Check out the weather pixie! She looks cold. I've often wondered what the snow graphic looks like :)

It hasn't snowed this much in 3 years. . .the winter after the girls were born. I have pics of Bubba playing in it.

We got up pretty much when we usually do even though we could have slept in. Who can sleep on such an exciting morning? It has snowed enough to make drifts on our back porch and it's still going. Honey just couldn't wait to get out in it. He "had to go get gas". Which I'm glad he will have some, because he will be carting our family around today. I'm not driving in it! The kids got bundled up and went with him. Here are some pics of our exciting morning.


SJ said...

Hey, your Montana friend isn't knocking your snow! Looks like fun! I love how the trees look with snow on them! And can I just say that the Brooke/Mary TuTu on the right (sorry...I cant tell them apart, especially all bundled up like that...bad aunt Jo!) looks just like you in that picture!

The Pittman's said...

I'm so jealous!!! I wish it would snow here. It was 18 degrees last night, but dry as can be. Have I mentioned how cute your kids are?? They are getting so big!

Mommy Spice said...

OK, I'm jealous. You got way more than us. We live near the Panda Family. We did get more ice after I took our pictures. My aunt lives in Lubbock, so I heard y'all got some good snow. You joke about your friends in Montana calling that "watering the grass." We, down here in our neck of the woods, would call that a blizzard and shut down the whole city. Ha-Ha.