Saturday, December 09, 2006

Change is in the air!

It has been a crazy couple of weeks around our house. We spent last week (yes, I mean the entire week) cleaning, de-cluttering, and organizing our house so we could show it, twice. Just before Thanksgiving we decided to sell the place but hadn't done much past that. While we were gone for the holiday, we got two leads on people interested in the house. We showed it twice, and the first people that looked at it made an offer. We were so surprised! We had prepared ourselves for a long selling season, and since December is the worst month to try to sell a house. . . But God is in control, and things move at His speed, so we went with it.

We took the offer and are in the process of arranging and signing contracts. (Since we don't have a realtor, we are all learning as we go.) Also, since we sold our house, we thought we'd better get looking for another to live in. (Honey loves my parents, but doesn't want to live with them unless we have to!) We spent this week looking at our options. We signed a contract with a builder and our house should be ready for move in around Spring Break.

The best part about all of this is that the couple that bought our house is willing to work with us and wait to close on all of this until our next house is done! I'm so glad that God is in control. I couldn't have planned it better myself.

As if all of that wasn't enough, Honey spent one day (yes, the entire day) interviewing for a new job. It isn't a "dream job", but it will definitely help matters around here until something better comes along. We are unclear about when he will start, but it should be next week. He also found out that he made the first cut for a Campus Life position at our local Div I University. I think that he would be great at this job. It is one of the few that we've found, that isn't ministry, but his years as a youth minister really prepared him for. I'm praying for this one to work out. It really seems like a perfect fit.

Another mile stone that was passed this week was the end of the semester. Yes, after a looooong semester of what seemed like pointless work on his Masters in Youth and Family Ministry, Honey finished his course! Yeah! Just 9 more hours to go! He will definitely take next semester off, but plans to finish the degree ASAP.

With all of the house swapping and job hunting going on, we did find time to do some Christmas shopping, I got to attend my school staff Christmas party, and of course the usual stuff of Bubba going to 1st grade and me and the girls going to pre-school. We also took time out to visit our favorite Christmas elf. Here is a picture!


realitymomma said...

wow! i cannot believe you are moving. where are you building and any reason why the change? i love your house and cannot imagine what the new one will look like... i know it will be gorgeous.

your kids are great. love the overalls. the girls are getting their big kid look. can't believe the changes they have made. look how tall they are!!! have we been gone that long?

Jennifer Binkley said...

I am glad that things are working out for you guys. Such faith! I admire you and your family. I know the Lord will care for you every step of the way. Also, with my real estate background, if you need any help, email me!

A D said...

Congrats on the selling of your house. I know when we sold our old house almost 3 yrs ago we put it up went away for the weekend and it sold that weekend. The Lord definately provides.
I have the same questions as Amy, so let us know.
And as always the kids look great!!