Saturday, December 23, 2006

The 12th day. . .

was the coolest! We were so excited to find out who our awesome friends were that we tore the basket open and didn't even get a picture!

So, we put it back together the best we could and quickly snapped one.

The first things I saw in the basket were the Jones' sodas. I knew immediately that it was our friends Jerry, Carla, Jerrod, and Carly. (Jerrod probably spent enough to pay for his first year of college stocking up on Jones' when he would find them on sale at the Allsups near the McDonalds we always stop at on the way to camp!) We spent many hours working alongside this family while we were in youth ministry. Jerry and Carla are special to us. They were faithful supporters and encouragers of the youth ministry, and they were always ready to do whatever we needed. We respect them so much as we watch them parent their kids. We pray that our kids turn out to be as great as theirs are.

Of course Jerrod and Carly were in our youth group. I have many fond memories of working with Jerrod at camp. We always made each other laugh and I still look forward to seeing him when we are at church. Carly is just a sweet, tender, loving girl, and everyone wants to be her friend because of that. She tries to include everyone and wants everyone to have a good time.

Thank you friends for such a special treat this holiday season! We loved every minute of it and we love you!

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