Saturday, December 23, 2006

Holiday Happenings

I just wanted to post a picture of my Christmas plate this year. I painted one for me and three others just like it for gifts. I've waited to post a picture until the danger of ruining the surprise for the gift recipients is over.

In other news, we attended Bubba's Christmas party at school yesterday morning. We, meaning me and the girls. First Grade Teacher is way less uptight about letting me bring the girls to class than Kinder teacher was. A mom in the class got McD's Happy Meals DONATED for the first graders. I brought the girls one to eat in hopes that it would give them something to do so that they would stay out of trouble, and make them feel like big kids. It worked. They were very good and patient, and they even got to go with First Grade Teacher and pick up the class from the gym when it was time for the party to start. (Have I mentioned how much we love First Grade Teacher?) Here is a picture of Bubba with FGT. After Happy Meals, they decorated sugar cookies for dessert. Then they made ornaments and had a gift exchange. They played a really cute game sitting in a circle passing the gifts left and right as FGT read a story using the words left and right. It was funny and the kids loved opening the games that their friends bought for the classroom. We had lots of fun this week with parties, but I am glad the party season is over and we can enjoy some down time with family for the next few days. Have a Merry Christmas!

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