Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Where's Nancy Drew?

So. . .we haven't solved the Christmas mystery, but the gifts keep coming. I've done a little investigating, and we've even confronted a couple of people, but so far, no solid leads.

The theme for this little adventure is "The 12 Days of Christmas". We just received Day 9. You've seen Days 1 and 2, so here are the rest.

Here are days 3, 4, & 5. The books were day 3, the snowman day 4, and in the basket were 5 candy cane rings for day 5.

Here is day 6. All of the gifts have come with a poem, but this is my favorite.
"Six geese-a-laying. . .
What't up with that?
Who needs a goose
Sitting on their door mat?
When I think of Christmas,
I don't think of geese.
I think of goodwill towards men
And world peace.
There's nothing so peaceful as
Holiday cookin'
So bake up some men-
Gingerbread and good lookin'."

This is day seven. Bubba is still beggin' to make smores.

Here are days 8, and 9. We made waffles with our new batter bowl (complete with a no slip surface on the bottom) this morning. And, when we opened our front door to check the snow accumulation early this morning, we found this very cute cookie jar.
We definitely have some great friends (or family), and we really are clueless as to who this might be. But, it has added some fun and sparkle to our holiday season. I can't wait for it all to be over so we can find out who it is!


A D said...

My uncle used to do that for a couple of years with some friends. It always sounded like so much fun!
Maybe next yr I will do it in my neighborhood or somewhere...

realitymomma said...

i don't remember if it were rian and erica, but somebody in our class had this happen to them last year. i do not remember who received and i definitely do not remember who did it. i think it is a hand-me-down thing. you will probably asked to pick somebody to do this to next year. however, you have received some AWESOME gifts. i am jealous of the cute and creative things you have received. somebody is doing you good.........

SJ said...

How fun!!!