Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Psst...pass this to his friend so he can give it to him...

Dear Housebuilder,

Do you still like me? (Check yes or no)

It really hurts to see you spending time with other buyers. I feel like I'm the only one putting anything in to this relationship. I spend all my time packing so we can see each other on our closing date, but you don't seem to care. You are giving all your attention to those houses next door that don't even have buyers. They're just flirts, they're not invested in you like I am.

When we started our relationship, you were so nice and charming. Then, as soon as I start to trust you, I find out that you aren't planning to keep our closing date. I had planned to make it so special with babysitters, movers, and paint. And now, all of those plans are ruined.

I so want this relationship to work. Do you? (Check yes or no)

Your BFF,


The Binkley Family said...

cute! you know that was my job a few years back, doing real estate closings. by the time people got to my office, they were ready to blow their tops!

sj said...

Thanks! I needed a laugh today!

But...(((hugs))) Sorry your builder is cheating on you. Want me to go over there him a weed?

Larissa said...

I used to be a loan processor, building can be hard. We saw lots and lots of delays, and late closings can be so frustrating! Espeically when you're a planner!!! Very creative post!

Lisa said...

HA! I will be praying its all over with soon and that everything goes smoothly! The last time I moved it was super easy b/c someone did it ALL for us, even the packing and wrapping! I am dreading it this go around.... of course that is only IF our house EVER sells!!!!

A D said...

I so know that feeling and with my Betenbough, none the less.
It was moved back a week and the night before we were to move in..they hadn't even layed the tile or carpet yet. That was nerve racking.
The closing was good it was getting the house finished that was the trouble.
You are in my prayers for a speedy and uneventful process.