Monday, May 14, 2007

Go ahead and give it to me now...

my Mother of the Year Award, that is. Bubba lost his third tooth last Thursday evening. He let me pull it right before we left for baseball practice. He went to practice biting a tissue in his mouth to stop the bleeding, but he played like a champ!

Friday morning, he woke up early, found me on the computer...and pulled out his prized tooth still in the zip-loc we'd put it in. The tooth fairy had forgotten to come! His tooth was still right there under his pillow where he left it. He was disappointed but decided to make the best of it and take the tooth to school to show his friends.

But bloggy friends, I haven't told you's my deepest, darkest secret: this is the second time the tooth fairy has forgotten to visit our house. I mean he's only lost three teeth, and it's not like they are falling out two and three at a time, but there were quite a few millennium babies, so I understand that she is probably busy and just plain tired from dealing with the rash of tooth loosing that is bound to be going on right now.

The last time, I convinced him that I was jealous that the tooth fairy was getting all of his teeth, so she left it for me and I gave him a dollar for it and that seemed to be the end of it.

This time, he confided in me his theory about why the tooth fairy didn't visit for the second time. You see, he remembers quite clearly which side of his mouth the tooth came from last time there was a missed visit and apparently this latest tooth came from the same side. He thinks that there is a curse on that particular side of his mouth and the tooth fairy doesn't want teeth from that side. I could only agree that it was a good theory and said that she sure did miss out on a clean, healthy tooth.

So, Friday evening I made sure that the tooth fairy knew that she'd fallen down on the job the previous night and that she'd better at least send a note explaining herself the next time she failed to show up on the appropriate night. I'm tired of making excuses for her.


Larissa said...

That is so funny. We are not quite there yet with the teeth, but that is just a reminder of ALL the things you have to remember. As if homework, school projects, and everything else that kids are a part of aren't enough...then you have to remember the teeth!

The Binkley Family said...

I am a little freaked out that she may forget to stop by our house sometimes, too! I am glad Bubba is taking it all in stride.

The Pittman's said...

That's funny! Hopefully the tooth fairy won't get fired for falling down on the job. I'm glad that Bubba isn't too wounded.